Thursday, January 23, 2014


In Khaled Hosseinis The Kite Runner, the narrator and protagonist, emeer, is presented in stark contrast to his servant, Hassan. emeer is bookish, introverted and conceited; Hassan, emirs servant, is loyal, kind and naïve. Hassans naivete leads to him beingness exploited by his mater emeer, which causes Hassan much suffering. This exploitation at the hands of emeer throughout The Kite Runner shows that emir is non worthy of his servants good faith. ameers lack of extol towards Hassan is clear from their childhood interactions. patronage being young, ameer cares little enough about Hassan to beetle off him in small ways. For example, ameer lets Hassan take fault and blames Hassan when they bum caught shining mirrors into neighbours windows. Hassan stoically takes the responsibility, and Amir is only too expert to exploit Hassan and evade responsibility every time. As well, Amir mocks Hassans illiteracy again showing that, even as a child, Amir is non prepared to extend the honour or trust that Hassan gives to him. These small episodes are reflective of more than than significant and sadder happenings, where Hassan again offers goodwill and loyalty to Amir and is in return exploited for his usefulness. As an eleven-year-old, Hassan puts his safety on the border for Amir in the kite race, standing up to the bullies ecological succession Amir happily flew the kite. Hassan k without delays he faces persecution and indeed rape, but acts as the sacrificial lamb to Amir. Amir takes this sacrifice and loyalty for granted, and does not think to repay Hassan because Hassan is his servant. Amirs greed for the recognize to Babas heart blinds him against a consideration of Hassans gentleity. until now after the rape, Amir tells Hassans father that Hassan has stolen money, showing a lack of pity or remorse on Amirs part. He sees Hassan as a servant or a tool first, and as a fellow tender-hearted second, and for this reason Amir is not worthy of Hassans loyalty. This is no! t to say that Amir is evil or that he never...If you compulsion to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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