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The fashion industry should not feel obligated

The fashion industry should not feel obligated to use plus sized models in their campaigns. Do you agree? BY sashays The fashion industry should not feel obligated to use plus sized models in their Women these days are constantly bombarded with advertisements and campaigns telling them what they should wear, what they should eat and how they should portray themselves. It has become a race to try and achieve a size zero look because women feel as if it has become the new norm. That is why, I believe the fashion industry should be obliged to use plus size model. A plus size model is a model who is a US size 8 or above.Even though these models are described in the â€Å"plus† category, making them appear to be an outcast, what is ironic is that the majority of women will fit into this category. Therefore, I agree that fashion industry should be obligated to use plus size models. There are three reasons why: firstly, to stop increasing the social pressure on first world women to h ave the ideal body image; secondly; prevent psychological effect on women in trying to maintain an ideal body image; thirdly, the potential increase in business. To begin with, the expectation for women to mirror the body image of a model has come omnipresent.You find them in fashion magazines, TV shows, fitness programs and even Barbie Dolls. Women, especially teenagers look at these icons as role models and have been manipulated by society into thinking they must look a certain way and weight a certain amount to fit in. It is the fashion industries to blame for this, because by using impossibly thin models in almost every campaign it is putting pressure on women to look perfect. However, women cannot attain these perfect bodies because not only have the images been altered but are unnatural and simply unachievable.Due to this, women now days are lacking confidence as they feel self-conscious about their body. In a recent survey done by the National Institute on Media and the Famil y in Washington, it was found that 40% of girls from ages 9-10 are dissatisfied with their weight. This suggests that the distressing and impairing body image concern seems to be becoming more prevalent at a younger and younger age. Furthermore, according to CDC, 20% of the teenage girls' suicide cases in USA are due to bullying about someone's weight. This clearly highlights the negative effect y Just using skinny models is having.The society has become superficial as it measures beauty in size. It is crucial that fashion industries are forced to use plus size model in order to change society's view of beauty. It is not right to put pressure on women to distort their healthy bodies too feel accepted. In addition, not having plus sized models in campaigns causes women to suffer from harmful effects as they try to replicate images of a zero size model. In a recent survey, it was found there are up to seventy million individuals worldwide who have an eating disorder, and of hem 90% ar e women between the ages of twelve and twenty-five (US Mental Health Administration).Some women have become so desperate to lose weight that they turned to starvation developing bulimia and anorexia. However, it is not the skinny models to blame for this, because they also suffer from these conditions. Even models feel pressurized to stay skinny and many models starve for days before a runway until they can barely keep their eyes open. Kristin Clement, former Vogue editor revealed that some models had turned to dangerous methods such as eating tissue. Yes, tissues. Models eat this dehydrated, bleached paper in order to become â€Å"Paris thin†.If this is not stopped it will not be long until all women struggling with weight loss will try this to. Have we become this inhuman that being skinny is more important than life? Hence, I believe it is vital for fashion industries to use plus size models to promote more healthy living and prevent unnecessary deaths. Finally, by using p lus sized models there would be an increase in business. The average plus size model ranges from size 8-14, they are not fat, they are healthy. A study done Warwick Business found that adverts and campaigns which predominantly feature skinny models are more likely to discourage sales.H have currently begun using plus size models for their swim suit campaigns. CEO Karl – John Person said he feels â€Å"irresponsible with the type of female body image being portrayed† and now is committed to market and encourage diverse body types. This has begun to influence many more women to feel confident about their body. According to the Business Insider, those who are labeled as plus size account for 67% of the apparel arching population, bringing in retail revenue of nearly $16 billion Just in US every year.This indicates clothes for plus sizes have become very important in the market. Furthermore, many stores have begun using plus size mannequins. By displaying larger mannequins , not only do women see how the clothes would fit their shape but they would also feel more confident due to the increase in publication of the plus size within the fashion industry. Hence are likely to purchase more. Therefore, I believe there fashion industries should use plus size models because here are many positive outcomes.However, some people may argue that many people are naturally really thin, but only 5% (SCUD) of the women have the skinny model body, the majority of the other 95% will resort to unhealthy living conditions. You may also argue that it's a models Job to look extremely skinny, however would you let your daughters risk their well-being for a moment of fame? Does that really make it okay? Even though plus size models have made a massive stride in obtaining respect in a business that demands skinny; resulting in more full figured women to race the high fashion magazine covers and to walk the main stream fashion shows.The portrayal that thinner is better is stil l deeply engraved in society. This is putting pressure on women to be someone they are not and resulting in harsh life threatening disease such as anorexia. There are countless advantages on having plus size models in the industries from benefits in business to benefits in well-being. Therefore, we need to do something to change the craving for the unrealistic body image. Plus size models do not promote obesity, they reflect reality.

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Redken vs Wen

Staci Pritchett Eng 101-011 03/05/13 Try This Out Homework Assignment Redken products and Wen hair care system have some similarities . The both have products aimed for colored, oily, or dry hair. Redken is different from Wen because all of its hair cleaning products have sulfate in them ,whereas , Wen is sulfate free. Wen is different from Redken because it is a cleaning conditioner . Redken does not have any of their cleaning products as a cleansing conditioner.Redken has been a well known hair care company for the past fifty years . This hair care line has developed several products lines like the moisturing, fresh curls, and get it pump volumizing systems. Wen is a fairly new hair care line that was developed seventeen years ago. Wen has only a few products in it hair care line like the sweet almond mint, lavender, and pomegranate cleaning conditioner. Wen also only has one styling product and deep conditioner. Redken and Wen are both hair care lines.They have a cleansing system, deep conditioning, and styling products essay writer online. Redken and Wen hair care companies have both been around for many years. Not a lot of people know that Redken hair care was invented by an actress and her hairstylist. Wen was invented by a hairstylist that did hair for many years but was never happy with using salon products cause his clients hair still looked damaged and dry. So he decided to develop his own hair care line for his clients but eventually went worldwide with his products.

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Analysing Law Case Study

The issue(s) in the case i.e. what is this case all about The case involves the establishment of wind turbines in the region of Taralga an idea that has been opposed by the residents because of the feared environment implication and the physical disturbance to the natural setting. The relevant law that applies in this case The applicable law, in this instance, is Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000. The application of this law is because of the certain cases that the judge referred to while making the ruling. First, the judge turns to the case of Roseth SC in Tenacity Consulting v Warringah Council (2004) 134 LGERA 23, at paras 25 to. While considering the different facts in the two cases, the judge observed that the project, if operated under the planning principles of environmental conservation will not have any serious impact on the landscape[1]. Further, the judge also did refer to the case of Genesis Power Limited & Anor v Franklin District Council [2005] NZRMA 541. The case also was about the wind farm along the coast of New Zealand. These two cases were used to by the judge to demonstrate to the applicant and general public that always there would be concerns about the environment whenever mega projects are commissioned, and that should not be a reason to stop prime development agendas[2]. How the Judge applied the law to the case The judge did use the case demonstrate the project lead to local area development. He maintained that through detailed environmental assessment and appropriate measures taken, the locals would benefit[3].   Roseth SC in Tenacity Consulting v Warringah Council (2004) In this case, the subject was different views held about development as opposed to what the law says. The aspects of value, consideration, qualitative assessment, and reasonability of the proposal determine the merit of each project[4]. Genesis Power Limited & Anor v Franklin District Council [2005] NZRMA This case was about establishing a wind farm at the cost of New Zealand. The appeal sought to establish if the construction, operations and other maintenance structures of the project at the coastal environment. The two issues raised by the applicant is the visual and noise from the project and if it is important to move the project to another environment.   The verdict of the current case could have been different given the magnitude of the impact that the project was to cause to the residents, property, and landscape. The impact is a bit escalated[5]. The public policy issues that were addressed by the judge include the effects of visual, noise, flora impact, fauna, and property. The judge addressed the issues by maintaining that even though these problems are eminent, proper management could help mitigate the effects and the locals benefit from the wind farm engines[6]. Getting academic assistance from

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Current U.S and Indonesian Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Current U.S and Indonesian Economics - Essay Example which lowered their money reserves making it more expensive to gain access to capital because the rating agencies downgrade bonds issued by countries in the Indonesians region. Dependency theory is the economic explanation of a nation in terms of cultural, economic, and political factors. These affect the economic polities the government implements. Cultures respect historical results and in economic unstable countries that the phenomenon last for a long time the people rebel against the state. Civil war is not accepted in the United Nations and they must intervene to end these types of conflicts immediately. Participatory development produces more quality food at a lower price than in the past due to developments in research and developments and genetic engineering agricultural. A difference between these two philosophies is control. Conditionality is associated with the economic policies established by the International Monetary Fund also often referred too as the World Bank. Some emerging economies believe that the economic policies of the World Bank are unfair and that they give preferential treatment to developed countries. The loans are given out, but conditionality is included so that the loans are used for a specific purpose. Community development often fails due to conflict and discrepancies in expectations. Sometimes the demands of certain interest groups are not unreasonable and the government cannot accommodate their demands due to economic constraints. Other reasons why community development programs fail is due to a lack of money. It takes money to pay for rent of community centers and to provide other types of services. 6) Some people are saying that recent and on-going demonstration called "occupy Wall Street" has become a "social movement" similar to some in the "Arab Spring" social movements of this past year. What do you think of this claim? Occupy Wall Street is a movement that supports of the country with New York and All Street being the

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Human Resources Within The Company Research Paper

Human Resources Within The Company - Research Paper Example The goals of PAC Resources Inc. have been met to a certain degree through the development and implementation of new training programs in the company. The severe employee unrest in PAC which occurred three years ago made it clear that the company needed to change its human resource policies and programs. The new training programs including in-house training activities have helped the employees of PAC to remain well informed about the human resource initiatives taken by the company and as a result driven the growth of motivation among the employees. The training programs of PAC Resources Inc. have been suitably established but a number of scopes for improvement can be identified in the existing training programs. Firstly, the company should facilitate better communication between the employees and the upper management to ensure that the training programs can be easily assimilated by the employee groups and actually bear results. Secondly, the aggressive training programs should be made more employees friendly so that the employees are encouraged to attend the training programs regularly. Knowledge management has been identified as a key area within the organizational capabilities of PAC Resources Inc. that needs extensive improvement. Therefore, the management of PAC has included a functional knowledge management system within the human resource management processes. This is aimed at improving the maintenance and transfer of knowledge within the company. The company has taken steps to improve communication among the employee groups as well as between the individual employees and the line managers and the upper management. An open door policy has been introduced within the company with the aim of facilitating better communication level within all levels of employees in PAC.

Disability and literature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Disability and literature - Essay Example There is one common denominator as far as social order workings are concerned and this centers on gender and its role in the society. In this respect, there is much debate going on concerning the relationship between gender and disability. The concept of feminism features prominently in this debate and scholars have advanced different theories to support their claims. Critical analysis of â€Å"Good Country People† by Flannery OConnor indicates a clear point of intersection between disability and gender. Deriving important theoretical concepts echoed by Rosemarie Garland-Thomson in Integrating Disability, Transforming Feminist Theory gives a picture of what the society think about disability and gender with much focus on the womenfolk. In Flannery O’Connor’s case, there are two main characters in Joy who is also referred to as Hulga and the young man who sells bible. There is also Mrs. Hopewell and Mrs. Freeman who plays a significant role through behavior to exp lain the interesting disability and gender relationship. The society sees women as lesser beings on various premises and this sort of prejudice assigns women some level of disability. Feminists argue that women have long been considered sex tools by men but undergo depreciation in terms of beauty and physical structure with time. This form of natural process is considered some sort of a weakness woman who is treated as a disability. This explains why the elderly women, who have most probably attained menopause phase of the reproductive life, are considered to be of less value. This is an aspect of physical disability being analogous to deficiency in terms of performing some activities. In ordinary society, men can be physically incapacitated but still pursue their dreams and end up marrying as a complete individual. However, the case of a disable woman is viewed with pity and is

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The Impact of Social Media in US Elections Research Paper

The Impact of Social Media in US Elections - Research Paper Example The 2012 US election is one of the areas of evaluation of the impact of media in the electoral process (Campaign tech panels 2012). The 2008 United States presidential campaign coincided with a period when social media were gaining fame globally. Barrack Obama extensively used Twitter and Facebook to reach voters. In 2008, President Barrack Obama’s campaign team successfully used the internet and social network solicit funds and effectively link up with campaign volunteers (Learmonth 16). Despite the fact that experts have no certainty on the extent to which social media impact the U.S election, they accept that opinion on across the social web sites influence election outcomes. The 2008 elections occurred at a time when social media was gaining fame in the society and becoming one of the most prominent aspects in communication and advertising (Metaxas & Mustafaraj, p.473). It offered a unique opportunity to evaluate the usefulness and the success of the different media platfo rms(Dylko, Beam, Landreville, & Geidner, 2012). However, for social media presence to be effective, it relies on access to the internet. According to American Life Project, the access to internet increased and by 2008 over 46% Americans were using the internet, email or text messaging to obtain news about the campaigns. Likewise, the same number shared their views and mobilized others. In specific reference to social networking, only 10% used the established social sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Compared to the 2002 elections, the 2008 elections registered an increase in social networking. While commenting on the increase, in social media use, Peter Daou, an internet advisor for Hilary Clinton states that virtually every platform including the social media was employed, in public dialogue. The social media, in both the 2008 and 2012 elections, was used to introduce stories into the public, which affected consciousness and had a direct impact on the news presented by the mass me dia organizations (Williams & Gulati, 2013 p. 64). The blogs and other social format helped set the agenda for the media and the discussion surrounding the elections. The findings of the day before elections indicate that the Obama campaign was more active in the social media than McCain. In fact on Facebook, Obama has over 2.3 million supporters against 620,359 followers for McCain. In addition, on twitter, Obama had over 100, 000 followers against a mere 4,603. Likewise, on You Tube, there were over 18 million views for Obama against two million for McCain (Gayo-Avello, 2011). The following on social media was reflected in the election results as Obama won the elections. Even on the traditional media platform, Obama enjoyed massive success with over 160,000 mentions against over 140,000 for McCain. The findings indicate that the Obama campaign used the media effectively in the 2008 elections which led to success in elections (Learmonth, 2009). The social media is useful both in fa cilitating and distributing the campaign message. It also offered a platform for engagement on the message presented. According to Learmonth (2009), the coverage of issues was similar regardless of the platform. In fact, the issues covered in the traditional media were reflected on the social media and vice versa. The finding indicates that information transfer between the traditional media and the social media

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The Development of Indian-EuroAmerican Relations from Contact to Essay

The Development of Indian-EuroAmerican Relations from Contact to Removal - Essay Example This relationship has consistently been marred by violence, broken promises and mistrust, and remains a key part of the American history. Early Indian-EuroAmerican relations were an ever-changing and involving area, where perceptions on both sides were not static. Indians had the ability to play different European powers off against each other, and, likewise, the Europeans did this with different Indian tribes. At this time, the two groups existed in a continually revolving relationship. Some tribes became nomadic, taking advantage of the newly introduced horses, while others settled down into permanent villages and made use of agriculture supplemented by hunting and gathering. Even before the first contact with the Europeans, Indians represented a diverse set of tribes that had their own interests, waged their own wars and formed their own alliances. Once the contact had occurred, Indians often welcomed alliances with the Europeans, or bought weapons and goods that made their lives easier (Howe 26-28). Relations between Indians and Europeans were marred by a significant effect that the Europeans had on their population. As the Europeans came in contact with Indians, they often passed on diseases which they (Europeans) had resistance to, but the Indians did not. In general, this transference was not intentional, and in most cases the Europeans were probably not aware that they had the diseases, as their immune systems fought against the effects. These diseases resulted in a high number of fatalities (Howe 28). At this point in Indian-EuroAmerican relations, there was a strong focus on integrating the two cultural groups by ‘westernizing’ the Indians. Many Indian tribes adopted aspects of the European culture and often chose which components of the new culture to accept and which to ignore. For example, the Navajo tribe moved from being nomads to weavers, sheepherders and silversmiths. Many other tribes or individuals converted to Christianity while others maintained their traditional religious beliefs. Some believed that they should unify with the Europeans, creating a peaceful coexistence throughout the United States. Others felt that Indian tribes should unify with one another against the Europeans (Howe 27). Some tribes created alliances and treaties with the Europeans to secure their own tribal rights and to work on the creation of a unified culture. One example of this is the Muskogee tribe, known to the Europeans as the Creek Indians. The tribe negotiated with George Washington’s administration to create a treaty, and developed a legal written code and national council. However, the influence of the Europeans on this tribe was not uniform, and a dissident faction called â€Å"Red Stick† arose, which resented the influence that Europeans were having on their culture. The uprising was not successful and resulted in a significant amount of bloodshed (Howe 28-29). The war between the United States and Britain in 1812 also had a significant impact on Indian-EuroAmerican relations. Despite the fact that some tribes attempted to choose neutrality in the war, most were compelled to choose to support one side or another. This resulted in many Indians fighting alongside either Americans or Europeans against Indian families or friends (Howe 29). This was an important factor after the war too, because many Indians fought on the losing

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Module 4 Case Assignment Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Module 4 Case Assignment - Coursework Example e products of the company include basic food products as well as premium services like cooking recipes, labels and cooking lessons to the target and potential customer groups of the company. The outputs of the Whole Foods Market can be measured in terms of the revenues, goods and services, community impacts, job creation, shareholder value creation and service or policy outcomes. In this respect, the company shows high levels of efficiency and congruence. Additionally, the performances and the behaviors of the different departments, teams and business units of the company seem to be much effective in terms of maintaining standard, compliance and congruency. The main goals of the Whole Foods Market Company are to provide high quality and standard organic food to the target customer group in the market. Additionally, the quality of the food products marketed and sold by Whole Foods Market and the high level of social responsibility shown by the company add to the effectiveness of the company at the organizational level or topmost level of evaluation as per the Nadler and Tushman’s Congruence model. The main goal of Whole Food Markets as a leading organization in its industry of operation is to perform in a competitive, consistent and sustainable manner so that it can maintain its financial profitability and strong brand reputation in the markets of operation he outputs of the company seem to be sufficient in satisfying the corporate and strategic objectives set in the company. The Whole Foods Market is one of the leading organic food retailers and supermarkets in the world. The main mission of eh company is to promote the strength s of the organization and its individual entities by ensuring the delivery of high quality of products and services. Also, the company aspires to enhance the business to become the leading food retailer in the community as measured from the perspective of corporate social responsibility. The Whole Food Market is ranked 12th in the social

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Prejudice is a learnt trait Essay Example for Free

Prejudice is a learnt trait Essay Prejudice is the quality or condition of judging someone or a group of people before you meet them, usually by using stereotypes. People are not born to be prejudice; they are taught and influenced by their parents, friends and surroundings. Furthermore, prejudicial attitudes stem from ignorance and this leads to an unbreakable chain. People are not born with the mentality of hating someone because of their race, culture or sex. â€Å"If your lens are prejudice, you are wearing the wrong prescription. † It is against nature to hate your own species. So how do people develop prejudice? It can be assumed that children are not as prejudice as their parents since they are generally happy to get along with anybody that’s nice to them because they have not been exposed to the stereotypes in society. As they grow up and become exposed to more ethnic groups and people, they are taught to stay away from certain individuals to protect them. Parents and teachers constantly remind children of â€Å"stranger danger† and this creates a template of who is dangerous which then carries onto their views later on in their lives. The template created by adults teaches children to have prejudicial attitudes towards certain types of people. If your parents taught you to trust women rather than men, as a child, wouldn’t you believe them? Children choose to believe their parents’ points of views because they haven’t had the opportunity to create their own opinions. As adults, parents would already have multiple experiences with different people and cultures, which they pass onto their children. As well as passing on their own knowledge, parents also hand down their prejudicial attitudes to their children. Consequently, children who develop these prejudicial attitudes pass them onto their own children as well. E. B. White once said, â€Å"Prejudice is a great time saver. You can form opinions without having to get the facts. † People choose to believe stereotypes because they’re easier to understand but also because they’re afraid of challenging them. Additionally, these fears of challenging stereotypes are associated with ignorance (lack of knowledge or information). When people lack the knowledge or information about a person or group of people, it results in prejudice. In the film, Gran Torino, the main protagonist, Walk Kowalski has limited experiences and also lacked knowledge of the Hmong, which ensued his prejudicial attitudes towards them. As his neighbor, Sue, teaches Walt more about the Hmong culture, he discovers that they have the same values as him and ultimately becomes close friends with them and even stands as a fatherly figure for Sue’s younger brother, Thao. It can be said that many people choose not to go through the effort of learning more about different people merely because it’s easier and less time consuming than building relationships with more people. Although, even if a person were to try and learn more about a different culture, they’d already have their own opinions based from stereotypes, which holds them back and hinders their ability to look past their prejudicial thoughts and feelings. Prejudice is the chain forged by ignorance to keep men apart, which is exactly why it is so unnatural. It goes against human nature to want to be apart from other people yet society is convinced that prejudice is normal and therefore acceptable to pass onto future generations. This belief is what causes the chain of prejudice to be unbreakable. People are prisoners of their own experiences. â€Å"No one can escape prejudice- only recognise them. † People recognise prejudicial attitudes and even berate others for being prejudiced when in reality, they’re doing the same thing. The reason why prejudice cannot be overcome is because society chooses not to. It’s never to late to give up our prejudices but instead of overcoming these preconceived ideas, people make the choice to continue to pass on their prejudicial attitudes to their children or even their friends and family. We pick up new prejudices as we go through life at school, work and also at home. You may hear people saying things about someone and because you don’t know anything about that person you instantly choose the side of the person talking because they are the source of the information you use to base your prejudice from. All it takes is one person to start the chain of prejudice. Children are not born with prejudice. No one is. The people surrounding you as well as your own experiences and surroundings teach you prejudice. It’s like talking or walking. Babies cannot talk or walk but are taught by their parents. Prejudice is the same.

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Human Resources Comparison: Dell and McDonalds

Human Resources Comparison: Dell and McDonalds Dell Inc. is a premier provider of products and services required, for the building of information-technology and Internet infrastructures of customers worldwide. Its operations strategy focuses on mass customization marketing strategy, build-to-order production system, as well as on its production and supply chain designed for its agile and fast turnarounds. OPERATIONS STRATEGY Operating a plant owned by the company itself is one of the global manufacturing strategies of the Dell Inc. This is to bring their online operation in time, in achieving its goal of meeting the ever-growing customer needs. It also provides good proximity to an available workforce and supports the objectives of its logistics. In locating its possible plants, it places preference over strategic locations suitable to advance manufacturing and distribution companies serving the East Coast markets. Like Dells Winston-Salem plant who will produce their PowerEdge servers, PowerVault and the Dell/EMC products, and OptiPlex and Dimension desktop computers primarily for the US market. The said distributions advantages made it to be the companys site choice. This is its easy access to almost all of the major East Coast markets, within a one-day truck haul. INNOVATION Dell Inc. also operates as one of the highest-volume internet commerce sites in the world. According to a study done by Mainstay Partners, the returns of the company will come through cost avoidance in four principal ways. They are by the breakage of the buying cycle and maintenance of expensive proprietary hardware systems; by substantial reduction on administrative and database management costs; by a boost on system capacity while scaling as the business requires; and by raising its availability, thus, the potential for revenue-draining downtime is greatly reduced. The company uses a sales strategy that was a model of the lean efficiency. It involves direct customer sales, without the use of retailers or intermediaries. Through this high-efficiency business model, the company is able to keep low costs in bringing new technology to its market, faster than any companies, using indirect distribution channels. Dells marketplace advantage is brought up by its innovation together with its one-to-one direct customer communication. Another innovation is their web presence through the, a massive channel for sale. In addition, the new system of Dell running Oracle 10g grid on Linux is another success on the companys part, as it does more work, more quickly compared to their previous one. Among its gains includes doubled session capacity characterized by stronger, more sustainable system performance; higher daily order volume, due to its improved performance and availability for users through the elimination of constraints and slowness; automatic distribution and balancing of the increased workload in case of node/s failure; and the elimination of system outrages, that cause gaps in line manufacturing and raises the chances of staff sent home. The new system delivers seven times the performance for only one-tenth of the cost. Besides, due to its improved performance and reliability, the company will be able to save around $4.6 million for over five years time, as projected by a study. Other area of potential value brought by the grid system is the automated storage management in Dells back office operations. SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Moreover, Dell has become a poster child for outsourcing, using its emerging trend of near shoring. Near shoring refers to the companies practice of going offshore (but in countries with closer proximity to its home bases) in outsourcing its operations. Its success lies on its developed innovative supply chain together with its just-in-time operation. The latter combined more responsibility pushed onto suppliers with the outsourcing of non-essential functions. INNOVATION Dell broke into the big time by developing a business strategy and supply chain strategy that worked together. In the late 1980s and early 1990s Dells business strategy was differentiation through low cost, speed of delivery, and customer service. The major channel for sales was from customers to call centers. However, the emergence of the internet called for more differentiation and fundamental change. With a well understood business strategy, Dell began to formally integrate operational components (e.g., logistics, manufacturing, distribution, inventory management) and develop a supply chain strategy. The supply chain strategy focused at driving costs out of the supply chain being the low cost provider while at the same time supporting a business strategy emphasizing customer service QUALITY STRATEGY Dell Perot Systems has established, documented, and implemented an ISO 90001:2000-certified quality management system (QMS) that focuses on meeting customer requirements and enabling employees to do their jobs right the first time. The Dell Perot Systems QMS Manual defines and documents how requirements for quality are met. The design of the QMS is influenced by varying customer needs, particular objectives, the products and services provided, the processes employed, and the size and structure of our organization. We recognize that success comes from focusing on doing things right the first time, on time, every time, meeting customer requirements and exceeding their expectations. DELL HR At Dell, HR is divided into operations and management, explains Price. HR operations coordinates transactional functions, such as benefits, compensation and employee relations, through a service center. Staff members report directly up the chain through HR, and rarely have contact with business units. HR management includes Dell University, the companys education and training function; staffing; and HR generalists who report to both the vice president of a business unit and the vice president of HR. Management deals with tactical, rather than transactional issues. These HR employees attend the business units staff meetings as consultants; develop the leadership team; produce metrics for such things as turnover, productivity and cycle times; and develop an HR strategy for that particular line of business. This division between operations and management allows HR to efficiently focus on two different types of customers. Operations supports Dell employees in general, while management supports Dells business. During the education segmentation, we segmented our sales organization first, says Price, then began to prepare marketing and get brand management teams for each segment. Thats why having HR people in those lines of business is so critical they drive that. Dells HR management team assists in the segmentation planning process by handling HR issues, such as identifying personnel needs, working out lines of reporting and organizational charts, and defining training needs. HR consults strategically with the business unit but also works out the nuts and bolts of putting people where they need to be, with the necessary skills and training. IKEA IKEAs mission is to offer a wide range of home furnishing items of good design and function, excellent quality and durability, at prices so low that the majority of people can afford to buy them (IKEA 1994). Founder Ingvar Kamprads innovative strategy was to design functional furniture that was easy and inexpensive to build, receive it disassembled at stores, and display it on the showroom floor with detailed explanation tickets, making sales person assistance unnecessary. OPAs IKEA is operating just like a warehouse, it produces a high volume of furniture and products that could be self-assembled. The fact that IKEA can also be found in other countries allow for economies of scale and hence, IKEA is able to bring costs down with its high-volume production. The downside of this would be, as one customer puts it: I have something which everyone else in the world has. This product is not unique. Despite having a high-volume business, IKEA has a lean buffering capacity, with only a limited amount of stock bought to ensure that the possibility of unwanted stock is reducedERATIONS STRATEGY INNOVATION IKEAs furniture is value for money with a wide range of choice. It is designed to be stored and sold as a flat pack but is capable of easy assembly by the customer. The Swedish design emphasizes bold colors, styles and functionality. The company promotes products to be modular, allowing different variations of the same basic product to be customised to produce greater variety. This allows IKEA to provide greater variety for its productswithoutholdinglargeamountsofstock. Instead of having to wait for a sales personnel to service them, customers have the flexibility to move around and pick up what they want. They are free to browse through the showrooms and even pick up small items directly off the display shelves if they like to purchase them. There is no need to waste any time waiting for someone else to get it for them. HR AT IKEA IKEAs vision was To create a better everyday life for the many people. People included employees, customers, as well as the community. The companys human resource philosophy subscribed to the belief that employees were more productive and committed when the company took care of the mand their needs. IKEA adopted a paternalistic stance toward employees and their needs (as did many other Swedish companies) and promoted employee empowerment. However, although the company had a positive HR philosophy and offered generous benefits, their application was more or less standardized and policies applied uniformly to all employees. IKEAs positive HR policies were supported by a strong and nurturing culture that promoted diversity and creativity. Spiers-Lopez said IKEAs culture was characterized by a family-like quality that made relationships between employees strong and open.

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psychoanalysis of frankenstein Essay -- essays research papers fc

Essay 2 Psychoanalysis is the method of psychological therapy originated by Sigmund Freud in which free association, dream interpretation, and analysis of resistance and transference are used to explore repressed or unconscious impulses, anxieties, and internal conflicts (â€Å"Psychoanalysis†). This transfers to analyzing writing in order to obtain a meaning behind the text. There are two types of people who read stories and articles. The first type attempts to understand the plot or topic while the second type reads to understand the meaning behind the text. Baldick is the second type who analyzes everything. Since his article, â€Å"Allure, Authority and Psychoanalysis† discusses the meaning behind everything that happens in Mary Shelley’s â€Å"Frankenstein† we can also examine â€Å"The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas† in the same manner. â€Å"Allure, Authority, and Psychoanalysis† discusses the unconscious wishes, effects, conflicts, anxieties, and fantasies within â€Å"Frankenstein.† The absence of strong female characters in â€Å"Frankenstein† suggests the idea of Victor’s desire to create life without the female. This desire possibly stems from Victor’s attempt to compensate for the lack of a penis or, similarly, from the fear of female sexuality. Victor’s strong desire for maternal love is transferred to Elizabeth, the orphan taken into the Frankenstein family. This idea is then reincarnated in the form of a monster which leads to the conclusion that Mary Shelley felt like an abandoned child who is reflected in the rage of the monster. After reading the article by Baldick, I immediately thought of Ursula K. Le Guin’s â€Å"The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas.† I was forced to read the story again having an open mind and the idea that everything has an alternative meaning. After doing so, I realized that it contains the same concept of abandonment and anger. In order to keep everything in Omelas prime and perfect one person has to be sacrificed. One child is kept in a broom closet in exchange for the splendor and happiness of Omelas. The people of Omelas know what is in the broom closet and, â€Å"they all understand that their happiness, the beauty of their city, the tenderness of their friendships, the health of their children†¦depend wholly on this child’s abominable misery† (Le Guin 216). Possibly Le Guin was an abandoned child who’s family was happy to see her in misery. This could le... ...ned in a boating accident. Abandonment seems to link her life together with the deaths of three children, her mother, her husband, and the suicide of her half-sister (Cliff Notes 2-3). The critical analysis of â€Å"Frankenstein† in Baldick’s article allowed a similar examination of â€Å"The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas.† In the end I think it is safe to say that science fiction writing contains some of the authors own experiences whether directly or indirectly. Alternatively, science fiction stories can say something about the reader and that LeGuin wants the reader to look into their own fears of abandonment. Works Cited Baldick, C. "Making Monstrous - 'Frankenstein', Criticism, Theory - Botting,F." Review Of English Studies 45 (1994): 90-99. Coghill, Jeff. â€Å"CliffsNotes Frankenstein† New Jersey: Wiley Publishing, Inc. 2001. â€Å"† 2 March 2005 < psychoanalysis> Le Guin, Ursula. â€Å"The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas† Masterpieces: The Best Science Fiction of the Twentieth Century. Ed. Orson Scott Card. New York: The Berkley Publishing Group, 2001. 212-217. Shelley, Mary. â€Å"Frankenstein† New York: Bantam Dell, 1981.

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The Global Warming Debate Essay -- Climate Change Debate, 2015

"Global warming is not a conqueror to kneel before - but a challenge to rise to. A challenge we must rise to." -- Joe Lieberman INTRODUCTION Global warming is a controversial environmental topic in today’s society. Global warming is when greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, chlorofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons, and nitrous oxide) act as a blanket that insulates the earth and prevents heat from escaping into space, which in turn causes the global temperature to rise. This â€Å"greenhouse effect† is a naturally occurring phenomenon; without it, the earth would be too cold for any life to inhabit. However, due to fossil fuel burning and other human activities, there is an excess amount of greenhouse gases (mainly carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere. Even though there is significant evidence of global warming, there are still skeptics whom believe that global warming is not occurring. BACKROUND INFORMATION Global warming is an increase in the earth’s temperature due to the use of fossil fuels and certain industrial and agricultural processes, which lead to a buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Fossil fuels are energy-rich substances that have formed from long-buried plants and microorganisms. They provide most of the energy that powers modern society. Fossil fuels include petroleum, coal and natural gases. Petroleum or crude oil, is a naturally occurring oily, bituminous liquid composed of various organic materials. Coal is a solid, dark-colored fuel found in deposits of sedimentary rock. It is burned to produce energy and is used to manufacture steel. Natural gases are any combustible gaseous mixture used as fuel to produce energy for domestic or industrial use. ... ...e Backlash Against Global Warming Has Begun.† The Economist. â€Å"Sample Errors and Biases in the Global Warming Theory.† . Date accessed: 12 April 2000. â€Å"Still Waiting for the Greenhouse.† . Date accessed: 12 April 2000. Taubes, Gary, â€Å"Apocalypse Not.† Science, Nov 7, 1997. â€Å"Trends.† EPA Global Warming Site Climate. . Date accessed: 8 April 2000. â€Å"Vector and Zoonotic Illnesses.† . Date accessed: 7 April 2000. â€Å"What Future Changes in Climate Can We Expect.† . Date accessed: 12 April 2000. Joe Lieberman Quote

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Gene Therapy for Cancer Essay -- Research Papers

Cancer occurrs by the production of multiple mutations in a single cell that causes it to proliferate out of control. Cancer cells often different from their normal neighbors by a host of specific phenotypic changes, such as rapid division rate, invasion of new cellular territories, high metabolic rate, and altered shape. Some of those mutations may be transmitted from the parents through the germ line. Others arise de novo in the somatic cell lineage of a particular cell. Cancer-promoting mutations can be identified in a variety of ways. They can be cloned and studied to learn how they can be controlled. Several methods such as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy have been used to treat cancers. The cancer patients who are not helped by these therapies may be treated by gene therapy. Gene therapy is the insertion of a functional gene into the cells of a patient to correct an inborn error of metabolism, to alter or repair an acquired genetic abnormality, and to provide a new function to a cell. Two basic types of gene therapy have been applied to humans, germinal and somatic (1). Germinal gene therapy, which introduces transgenic cells into the germ line as well as into the somatic cell population, not only achieve a cure for the individual treated, but some gametes could also carry the corrected genotype. Somatic gene therapy focuses only on the body, or soma, attempting to effect a reversal of the disease phenotype by treating some somatic tissues in the affected individual. One of the most promising approaches to emerge from the improved understanding of cancer at the molecular level is the possibility of using gene therapy to selectively target and destroy tumor cells, for example, the loss of tumor suppressor genes ... ...rine Interleukin-4 Displays Potent Anti-tumor Activity In Vivo. Cell 57. P. 503-512. 8. Trojan, J. Et al. Treatment and Prevention of Rat Glioblastoma by Immunogenic C6 Cells Expressing Antisense Insulin-like Growth Factor I RNA. Science 259. p. 94-97. 9. Hwu, P. Et al. 1993. Functional and Molecular Characterization of Tumor-infiltrating Lymphocytes Transduced with Tumor Necrosis Factor-r cDNA for the Gene Therapy of Cancer in Humans. J. Immunol. 150. p. 4104-4115. 10. Sorrentino, B.P. et al. 1992. Selection of Drug-Resistant Bone Marrow Cells in Vivo After Retroviral Transfer of Human MDR1. Science 257. P. 99-103. 11. Oldfield, E.H., Culver, K.W., Ram, Z., and Blaese, R.M. 1993. Gene Therapy for the Treatment of Brain Tumors using Intra-Tumoral Transduction with the Thymidine Kinase Gene and Intravenous ganciclovir. Hum. Gene Ther. 4. P. 39-69.

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Petronas Twin Tower

Petronas Towers, also known as Petronas Twin Towers, are twin buildings situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on the site of city’s race track. Of the two building, the one named Tower 1 was built by Hazama Corporation, while the other, known as Tower 2, was constructed by Samsung Engineering & Construction. The construction work on Petronas Towers was completed in 1998 and they were opened in August 1999. At the time of their completion, the twin buildings were the tallest buildings in the world and continued to be so till 2004.The interior design of the towers depicts the influence of Malaysian culture. An interesting fact is that the effort that went into the building of these towers, turned out to be global. The architect was an Argentinian; the consultants were from Canada, the structural design engineers were from New York and lastly two consortiums were hired one from Japan and the other from South Korea. Location: Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Area: 4,252,000 sq. ft. Built in: 1 August 1999 Built by: KLCC Holdings Architect: Cesar Pelli There are 88 stories in Petronas Twin Towers.The Towers were designed by Argentine-American architect Cesar Pelli. The foundation of Petronas Twin Towers is as much as 120 m deep and was built by Bachy Soletanche. Reinforced Concrete is the main material used in the construction of the Towers. Petronas Twin Towers make use of glass facade that was designed to resemble Islamic art motifs. The overall height of the Towers is 483ft. Petronas Towers spread over an area or around 3. 7 million sq. ft. The sky-bridge of the Twin Towers is at 41st and 42nd level and is 192ft long. It weighs 750 tons.There are 10 escalators in each building of Petronas Towers. The entry to the Towers is free, but only a limited number of timed tickets are provided on a daily basis. It cost US $1. 2 billion to build the Towers. After the initial design by the architects, structural engineers were called in to determine how the structur es were to be actually built. Before construction began, the structural engineers performed site tests to ensure that the buildings, which had an estimated weight of over 300,000 metric tons, would have a good foundation.During these examinations, they found that the original site contained an underground cliff that made it unsuitable for building. With extra work and expense, the towers could have been built on this site, but the engineers predicted that in years to come, the towers would begin to tilt. They then decided on a site, 60 meters southeast of the original, where they could develop a more stable, uniform foundation. Each building's foundation was set from 55 to 130 meters underground and contained individual supports surrounded by a mixture of sand and cement.The supports were then filled with a concrete mixture created especially for this project. This concrete was continuously poured for over 52 hours to ensure stability and a smooth finish. The process of excavating t he site and laying the foundation took about a year to complete. Subsequent to the foundation being set, construction on the towers began. Since constructing a tower this tall was new ground for the contractors involved, they were forced to use new ideas to aid in their task. They employed the Global Positioning Satellite system to calculate the accuracy of the towers' vertical height.Instead of employing the conventional steel framework used in most skyscrapers, structural consultants opted for concrete. The designers realized that steel structures tended to be more flexible whereas the stiffer concrete would be more suitable for the job. Since the architect wished for tall, slender buildings, a new concrete, three times stronger than any other concrete used in construction, was developed and successfully deployed. The buildings' floor beams were made from steel in order to minimize height.The fire alarm system is designed using specific fire detection systems that include smoke an d heat detectors, manual call points, sprinkler-system tracking and a firemen‘s telephone / two-way intercom system. Each tower has an individual fire alarm . The fire safety plan of the towers is designed so that if a fire happens on a floor, the shuttle elevators will be available for use in evacuating residents. Other floors would be evacuated or residents relocated only if required. They can also go one tower to another through the bridge on 41 and 42 level if fire breaks out.

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Business Communication Trends Paper

University Of Phoenix Introduction to Business Communication Trends Paper Business Communication is a tool that allows you to improve the performance of your employees, performance of teams within the company. It also allows you to improve the performance of the entire organization, with the common goal helping company to fulfill it’s mission. (http://www. skills2lead. com/definition-of -business-communication. html). Business Communication plays a major role in my daily activities at work. I work for a cellular phone company and in this business things change daily. We constantly have to come with ways to rely this information effectively to the agents on the floor. For example we have a section called new and changed, the agents are supposed to read this everyday. This section tells them about the latest updates or about any changes that have been made. For some reason the agents were not reading this everyday like they should so that made the company think what can we do to make the agents read the material? The company decided to do simulations that the agents had to interact with, which kept their attention, and the at the end there were questions that had to be answered about the reading, and you have to score a 80% or better to pass. By communicating with my agents, and fellow managers I am able to keep my daily work activities organized. This way I stay organized is by putting everything on my calendar such as lunch, meetings, etc†¦. For example when i go to lunch I send out an email to everyone in the office letting know I am gone and when I return, this lets the make the other managers aware of how many of them are left on the floor, and if we are short or not usually if another manager is gone I will hold off on lunch until they get back to ensure there is enough coverage of the floor. By communicating this helps me to let everyone know when I am available and when I am not. If I did not communicate it would make things very difficult this helps me to not be double booked for two interviews at once and not to have anything scheduled during my lunch break. The trend that I am seeing the most in my current work place is team work. Team work is very important because you want to get everyone’s opinions and different views on situations. When working in customer care there are a lot of issues that may arise one of the most common issues is when a customer returns a phone but still gets charged for it on their bill. It can be frustrating at times because it takes up so much time to look up this information, and agents are logging off of their phones to do research, which is taking money away from the company. My company gets paid by billable hours so if an agent is not on the phone we lose money. So my boss started communicating with his bosses to see what could be done to get the problem we were having under control, and still bring in more money. So my boss started thinking how can we resolve this problem, and still make more money. He ended up getting with other directors from other sites to get ideas on how this can be resolved. And they all came up with getting a equipment department internally. By doing this the regular agents no longer had to get off of their phones to research equipment, and since we would have special trained agents that meant more money for the company. So they pitched the ideas to their boss and six months later we have our own equipment department within the site. By communicating their ideas and thoughts, and showing how this would benefit the company the directors got what they wanted, and they did it by working together. Communication is in almost everything we do rather it is in a marriage, at work, or at home just to name a few. In order to improve and move forward we have to communicate. In a Business communication is key each and every department is working towards particular goals to help the company achieve what they set out to, but the ultimate goal is to make more money for the company.

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Cook Chill

1. 0 INTRODUCTION Cook-chill and cook-freeze food productions are ways of producing foods that have been employed by many different organizations determining from the types of foods and services that the particular organization offers. These types of cooking methods work hand-in-hand with the kitchen designs. Kitchen design refers to the layout of kitchen equipment and positions of the working sections to produce foods that meet the needs of customers and thereby reaching the goals of the establishment. 2. 0 A KITCHENA kitchen is described as a building or a room in a building that has been specialized for cooking purposes only. Different establishments have their own types of kitchens with different designs that serve different purposes. Some kitchens are designed special for catering customers on transit such as Fast Food restaurants but some kitchens has to cater for a specific group of people using a specific type of service, thereby it has to have the right number of employees w ho will do the job and enough equipment to save time as well as energy. 3. 0 KITCHEN PLANSThere are different types of kitchen plans that have a specific purpose of operations. If a kitchen is designed for a particular way of production, it has also specific type of equipment available in that kitchen plan. There are different types of kitchen plan some of them are discussed below. 3. 1 Corridor kitchen A corridor type of kitchen, the appliances, cabinets and counter space are arranged on two facing walls. If the room is not too long, this can be an efficient kitchen. However, if both ends of the kitchen have doors, traffic through may create confusion. 3. 2 U-shaped kitchenThis type of kitchen is usually considered to be the best type of a kitchen which has the best work triangle because of its convenient arrangement and short walking space between appliances. It has a determined floor space and accommodates a determined number of workers. 3. 3 L-shaped kitchen This type of a kitch en creates an easy-to-use work triangle. If the kitchen space is large enough, an eating center can be included. This is the situation whereby customers serve themselves. 3. 4Center type of kitchen This type of kitchen is the most common type of kitchens that most establishments have employed.The working area is on the center as the name suggests but does not provide enough space. Figure 3. 4. 1 3. 5 Island type of kitchen All the necessary equipment in the kitchen is placed back to back in the middle of the working area. This type of setting requires an adequate space to allow an easy flow and enough space between the equipment for easy cleaning and to avoid creating dark areas that introduces insects. 4. 0 WORK CENTERS A work center is an area that focuses on a particular type of work activity such as preparation or cooking.Includes appliances and work space and that the necessary equipment is stored within for easy reach as depicted in figure 4. 0. Figure 4. 0. A chef preparing a meal from a working center. 4. 1 Refrigerator-freezer center * The refrigerator and the freezer have space next to them to use when loading or unloading foods. * A storage space is needed for items used to package food for refrigeration. * Storage space for items used when serving refrigerated or frozen foods. 4. 2 Range center(gas/ electric range) * Cabinet storage for foods used at this center. Storage space for pots, pans, cooking tools such as ladles, wooden spoons and pot handlers. 4. 3 Sink or cleanup center * Appliances such as dish washers and food waste disposers are found in these centers * Adequate space for stacking dishes 4. 4 Mixing center * Can be between two centers * Has several electrical outlets * Storage space for measuring, mixing and baking equipment and all the necessary ingredients 5. 0 TYPES OF KITCHEN ORGANISATIONS 5. 1 Conventional kitchen * They are suitable for small establishments They have fixed menus and banquets operating on rational basis * All dep artments are grouped together in blocks * Preparation and finishing are done in the same area 5. 2 Combined preparation and finishing kitchen * They are suitable for medium sized hotels or establishments * Preparation and finishing are done in the same section * In principle, preparation and finishing are totally or partially separated depending on the establishment 5. 3 Separate preparation and finishing kitchen( Satellite kitchen) * They are suitable for large establishments Preparation and finishing are done in separate sections; mis-en-place and the other one for finishing * Each section consists of one housing all the equipment for preparation of the dishes * Usually, they have no ranges, frying pans or steamed jacketed pots. Instead, they have grills, microwaves and Bain Marie. * 5. 4 Convenience food kitchen * a system of interest to the establishment that has no preparation kitchen but purchases only convenience foods * deals with the finishing of foods only and mostly canne d foods * require refrigerated and dry storage areasIn selection of these types of kitchen, consideration should be given * numbers of meals to prepared at each meal period * types of services * customer prices * system for serving meals * serving times for hot and cold meals 6. 0 FACTORS THAT DETERMINE THE DESIGN OF A KITCHEN 1. Service requirement: Management should be well aware of a food service objectives before planning its kitchen, type of menu and target numbers, etc usually determine the type of equipment to be in the kitchen 2. Space availability: One that maximizes space wage or that ensures efficient usage of space. 3.Amount of capital expenditure: Have an accurate idea of spending available since finances will often determine the overall design and acceptability. 4. Type of equipment available: Space provision for ventilation and power supply of the kitchen. 5. Use of convenience foods: Design of a fast food kitchen using ready-made foods will be different from that of a kitchen serving †¦. la carte menu. 7. 0 FOOD HYGIENE A number of factors may affect the quality and wholesomeness of food. * The premises, equipment and conditions in which it is stored * The care taken by food handlers to avoid contamination from other foods.Large scale handling of food by staff not trained or conscious of hygiene requirements is a major source of infection. In such circumstances, cross-contamination can easily occur. * Allocation of the kitchen * The number of people passing by the kitchen * Contact of cooked food with raw foods or utensils and surfaces contaminated by raw foods is likely to become infected * Segmentation of cooking sections may contaminate high risk foods such as cooked poultry and meat (pies, soups, stock) milk, creams, custards, shellfish, eggs, cooked rice and dairy products. 8. COOK-CHILL FOOD PRODUCTION Cook-chill, according to John Campbell,David Fasket and Victor Ceserani (2008), is a catering system based on the normal preparation and cooking of food followed by rapid chilling storage in controlled low-temperature conditions above freezing point, 0–3? , and subsequently reheating immediately before consumption. The chilled food is regenerated in finishing kitchens, which require low capital investment and minimum staff. Almost any food can be cook-chilled provided that the correct methods are used during the preparation. 8. 1 THE COOK-CHILL PROCESS The food should be cooked sufficiently to ensure destruction of any pathogenic microorganisms. The process must begin as soon as possible after completion of the cooking and portioning processes, within 30 minutes of leaving the cooker. * The food should be to 3? within a period of 90 minutes. Most pathogenic organisms will not grow below 7, while a temperature below 3? is required to reduce growth of spoilageand to achieve the required storage life. However, slow growth of spoilageorganisms does take place at these temperatures and for this reason storage l ife cannotbe greater than five days. The food should be stored at a temperature of 0–3? and should be distributed under such controlled conditions that any rise intemperature of the food during distribution is kept to a minimum. For both safety and palatability the reheating (regeneration) of the food should followimmediately upon the removal of the food from chilled conditions and should raise thetemperature to a level of at least 70?. The food should be consumed as soon as possible and not more than two hours afterreheating. Food not intended for reheating should be consumed as soon as convenientand within two hours of removal from storage.It is essential that unconsumed reheatedfood is discarded. 9. 0 COOK-FREEZE FOOD PRODUCTION This type of food production is similar with the cook-chill system of production. The only difference is temperature conditions that the foods are placed in. 10. 0 COOK-CHILL AND COOK-FREEZE FOOD PRODUCTION RELATING TO THE KITCHEN DESIGN A type of a kitchen determines what type of food production system to be employed. 1. A conventional type of kitchen produces fast foods therefore, it can adopt the cook-chill production system.It would be easy to reheat the foods in the microwave than to start preparing; beef stew takes long to prepare and for a fast food restaurant, time matters most. 2. L-shaped kitchen creates a large working area which also creates room for the cook-chill or cook-freeze equipment since the equipment is big and requires a larger space e. g the blast chillers and deep freezers as in figure 10. 0. Figure 3. 0. A chef preparing a meal using a Blast chiller. 3. A u-shaped kitchen, though considered to be the best, would not be the best type of kitchen for a cook-freeze type of production.The equipment might need one corner of the room which cannot be possible because the corners might be occupied with other equipment. 4. A corridor kitchen might also not be suitable for cook-chill systems because the equipmen t is placed in the sides of the kitchen which creates much space for an easy work flow but little storage and working areas. 11. 0 Conclusion Cook-chill and cook-freeze are food production methods that are commonly used nowadays to produce food in most of the hospitality establishments worldwide.The cook-chilling and cook-freezing areas in the kitchen are compatible parts of the kitchen plan and design, therefore, for these areas to exists in a kitchen it has to be planned at first when building the kitchen. BIBLIOGRAPHY Fellows, PJ(2000). Food Processing Technology: Principles And Practice 2nd ed. Woodhead: Cambridge Food Standards Agency(2002). The Composition Of Foods,6th ed. MacCance: Cambridge Kowtaluk, H. & Kopan, OA. (1990). Food For Today(4th ed). McGraw-Hill:New York

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An Exploration of a Needs Orientated Approach to Care Planning Essay

The purpose of this assignment is to explore a needs orientated approach to care planning, through the use of a problem solving approach to care, and a nursing model. It aims to show an understanding of what both a problem solving approach to care, and a nursing model are; and to establish how various key elements of both are implemented in practice. The following citation by the Department of Health (DH) (2009) identifies what is intended by the process of care planning; Personalised care planning is essentially about addressing an individual’s full range of needs, taking into account their health, personal, social, economic, educational, mental health, ethnic and cultural background and circumstances. In order for the care planning process to be effective the need for both a problem solving approach to care and a nursing model is fundamental. The problem solving approach which will be discussed within this assignment follows the format of Assess, Plan, Implementation and Evaluation (often referred to as APIE) developed by theorists; Yura and Walsh in 1967. APIE offers a structured, systematic approach to nursing practice through the use of the methodical care planning stages highlighted above (Barrett et al, 2009). Nevertheless, broad literature research suggests that this process lacked effectiveness in meeting the holistic needs of the individual and so, the process was adapted to include two further stages known as; Systematic Nursing Diagnosis and Recheck to produce the acronym ASPIRE (REF). However, these amended stages will not be discussed widely within this assignment, and so the process of APIE will be referred to throughout. The nursing model developed by Roper, Logan and Tierney (RLT) in 2000, is one of several extensively criticised models commonly used in practice; to enable the facilitation of a holistic approach to care. The purpose of a nursing model is defined by Barrett et al as; Models give direction to the nurse about the patients and their needs and define nursing roles derived from the views, beliefs and values about people, health, the environment and nursing (Barrett et al, 2009 p. 42). As previously identified, RLT are keen to adopt an holistic approach to care as oppose to other models which only take into account a patients needs from a medical perspective. The RLT model has been acknowledged to reflect the current realities of healthcare within the United Kingdom (Barrett et al, 2009), consisting of five underlying concepts; Activities of Living, Lifespan, Independence-dependence continuum, factors influencing AL’s and individuality which (Roper et al, 2000) clearly state are interrelated with one another to emphasise the importance of holism. Pearson et al, along with many other nursing authors, highlight the significance of agreeing on a nursing model to be used together with the problem solving approach to develop an individualised care plan efficiently. Pearson et al (2005 p. 84) indefinitely state; ‘the ‘process’ cannot happen without an agreement on nursing’ as, whilst APIE provides the systematic framework as to how the care plan should be devised, the nursing model effectively identifies what should be considered at each individual stage (REF). The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) also supports the utilisation of a nursing model alongside a problem solving approach, in identifying that; It facilitates consistent, evidenced-based nursing care, and necessitates accurate, up-to-date care documentation (RCN, 2011). This assignment will also discuss how the RLT model and the problem solving approach are used to meet the biopsyhosocial needs of an individual, and also the strengths and limitations of using RLT’s model and a problem solving approach in relation to developing a care plan. An exploration of how the implementation of the RLT model and a problem solving approach allows the multidisciplinary teams (MDT) to use the approach to meet public health needs, will also be explored within this assignment. To support such discussions, a range of knowledge gained throughout this module and previous programme themes, as well as a formative care plan developed for a fictional patient known as Mabel Dunn (see appendix A); will be utilised effectually. Through the exploration of each stage of the problem solving approach in turn, and how RLT is utilised alongside this process, enables an extensive in depth analysis to take place whilst using the formative care plan as reflective material to support the discussion. Assessment is the initial stage of the nursing process. Roper et al consistently use the term ‘assessing’ to signify that it is an on-going process, and highlights its continuity throughout the patient’s episode of care (Aggleton & Chalmers, 2000). It is divided into two stages to allow for a holistic representation of the patient to be established (Barrett et al, 2009). Effective assessment allows the prompt identification of any changes in a patient’s health status, and if necessary; allows any action to be carried out immediately supporting the delivery of safe, effective care DH (). The formulation of an accurate assessment is a fundamental skill for a student nurse as outlined by the NMC (2004), and so it is important that a holistic approach is adopted for this skill to be achieved. An holistic approach supports the consideration of†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. needs,(THEME? ) which Pearson et al (2005) accentuates that without the holistic consideration of a patient’s needs; it could lead to an inaccurate representation of the individual. RLT portrayed their understanding of a holistic approach through the use of the 12 Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s); as they believe a patient is best understood in terms of how they carry out the ADL’s (Holland et al, 2003). The 12 actvities (AL) of daily living act as a framework in the assessment process by providing a means of categorising the information in a systematic format (ppt presentation). Barrett et al (2009, p. 45) clarifies; Each activity represents a particular type of behaviour that all of us carry out on a day to day basis, whilst interacting with each other and our environment. The idea surrounding the ADL’s was derived from the Human Hierarchy of Needs developed by psychologist Abraham Maslow in (), by offering a representation of the common elements of everyday living that ensure human survival, and also quality of life (Barrett et al, 2009/pearson ). Despite the main focus of RLT’s model been holism, it has been extensively criticised in meeting the holistic needs of patients in the past, as practitioners have used the ADL’s in a checklist format (Barrett et al, 2009) even though the use of the ADL’s has been stressed to be used in a broad format, to enable a comprehensive assessment to be sought effectively. This could potentially cause further complications†¦. It is for this reason as to why the proficient skill of assessment is fundamental before becoming a competent practitioner as, without a comprehensive assessment the patients’ needs will not be considered from a holistic perspective, and consequently the model will not be used for its principal purpose. Holland et al (2003) highlight that the 12 ADL’s can interrelate in many different ways and therefore potentially impact on one another encouraging an holistic account of an individual’s needs. As a practitioner it is important to understand that the ADL’s can interrelate with one another and therefore influence on each other http://www. dh. gov. uk/en/Healthcare/Longtermconditions/DH_093359 (DOH, 2009) . A holistic approach supports that only taking into consideration the individuals physical needs during assessment as oppose to the human being as a whole; could potentially lead to an inaccurate representation of the individual and therefore lead to difficulties in meeting the patients’ needs effectively (Pearson et al, 2005). The quality of assessment will be greatly enhanced by the participation of the client and carers to the assessment process ensuring that the client’s wishes are foremost and, wherever possible, the client’s own words are used to reflect their needs RCN It also decreases the potential for, or the severity of, chronic conditions and helps the individual to gain control over their health through self-care. RCN  The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) emphasise the importance of the ability to effectively assess, plan, implement and evaluate care, forming the basis for the standards of proficiency as a student nurse (NMC, 2004). The concept of individuality is constantly emphasised by theorists as been crucial in the implementation of holistic care, and therefore stress the importance of taking a patient centred approach to care planning which will be discussed at a later stage within this assignment. Nurses have a major role in promoting health and well-being, as well as preventing disease and Roper et al see this as been an essential factor in the model for nursing (Roper et al 2000, p. 102) cited in (Holland et al, 2003) As previously stated, the stages of APIE interrelate in a cyclical context to allow for the establishment of a holistic, needs orientated approach to care delivery. The next stage known as Systematic Nursing Diagnosis was adapted due to criticisms of the approach lacking the concept of holism; one of the main focuses of the RLT model of nursing. Barrett et al (2009) accentuate how a nursing diagnosis differs from that of a medical diagnosis by establishing that; it places emphasis on a patients holistic needs, and so takes into consideration the physical, psychological, social and spiritual inferences of having a specific medical diagnosis. Hesook (2010, p. 200) also supports this statement in that; ‘health problems that are the referents of nursing diagnosis have been conceptualised from nursing perspectives in a variety of ways. Systematic nursing diagnosis can therefore be used resourcefully with RLT’s nursing model by allowing the nurse to reflect on the assessment stage formerly carried out, before beginning the planning stage to clarify the problems highlighted within the previous stage. Hogston & Marjoram (2006) acknowledged the fact that the original nursing process; APIE discussed in this assignment lacks this stage, arguing that the nurse does not have time to reflect on the assessment stage of the problem solving approach which affects the thoroughness of the care planning approach which could potentially lead to†¦. look at a limitation of SND†¦ ADD example of Mabel Dunn†¦ Planning Planning is the second stage of APIE and is also a multistage process which Barrett et al (2009) consider to involve the development of the care plan itself; based on information gathered within the former two stages. According to Within this stage, the nurse is accountable for setting appropriate goals and prescribing the relevant care to a patient to meet their holistic needs.

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Website evaluation- vs. Essay

Website evaluation- vs. - Essay Example Today, there are many technology blogs in operations, with each one of them trying to meet the needs of its audience. and are some of the technology blogs that people use to learn of any valuable technological news for their consumptions. After a close evaluation of the two websites, it is evident that both of them show some similarity, as well some differences in terms of quality of design, information, and ease of navigation. Quality of design is an important parameter that evaluators can use to compare two or more websites. When one looks at the two websites, seems to lack a consistent theme. However, has a consistent them in all its pages. The two websites also excels in their usage of pictures. Rather than provide picture that distract the attention of readers, and have photos that blend in with the associated stories. Looking at the two websites, it is clear to notice that has a collection of pictures with caption forming the top focal point of the website. This is what must people look at and choose what story they would like to read. On the other hand, the focal point of is one picture that carries a picture of an article among the top stories of the day. This article keeps cycling to allow other article to be seen by readers. With pictures, the two website have sufficient contrast between text and background making them vis ible to readers. The designers of the websites put the eligibility of all captions into focus when designing the websites. The two websites also stand out on their use of text. With many items having significant length of articles, both websites have their articles segmented paragraphs that users can read with ease. Most important, both websites have their heading places at appropriate positions making their pages consistent with one another. Apart from quality of information, both sites provide various technology blogs and weblogs targeted to technology enthusiasts. After inspecting the websites, one can to identify with the audience based on the content provided. Both sites provide technology related content. Moreover, both and aim at delivering new and technology related information to its users. With technology being a dynamic and exciting field full of innovation, the websites reason for existence is to disseminate this information to users with variou s interests in technology items. Being that the website's purposes it to disseminate technology news and other latest technology; both websites seemed to be well updated. For instance, both websites carried different stories posted at the same date this review was written. Nonetheless, seems to have more information that This is because has improved weblogs, as well as podcast. These features are not available in despite its resourcefulness in technology news. After reading the websites, my interest is to experience actual use of these technologies. Surprisingly, none of the two had any errors. Instead, most of all the articles read through displayed a high sense of clarity and grammatical correctness. These attributes are desire of any blog or web blog in order to boost readily and at the same time increase the credibility of the website as a reliable source of information about latest technological development. A well-designed web site provides users with easy navigation as they explore the websites in question. Comparing the two websites, both websites provide users

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Life as a function of biological definitions Essay

Life as a function of biological definitions - Essay Example Perhaps one of the most complex questions that biology attempts to answer is not who are we and where have we come from;but rather the simplest of answers – what defines life?Depending on who is asked and what journals and/or texts are consulted,the researcher attempting to answer such a question will likely be led down a host of different paths. However, oftentimes the best way to define something that is infinitely complex is to draw a very broad definition that focuses on the key attributes and elements that are displayed while also drawing on the key attributes and elements that are noticeably missing. In this way, it is necessary to work to define life as well as to provide many of the prior and current definitions that scientists have used to attempt to determine what is living from what is not. One might question why such an absolute definition is such an integral facet of understanding biology; citing the fact that life is obvious to the observer when it is seen. Howev er, this is not always the case. Due to the recent advances that have been made in biology and genetics as they relate to the creation of â€Å"living† wetwear and other engineered forms of life, the observer finds it increasingly difficult to define with a high level of certainty what is life and what is not. Due to the fact that scientists are ever coming closer to engineering and â€Å"creating† more and more complex forms of â€Å"non natural/human engineered† life, the necessity for a clear and actionable comes into clear focus. Thus the purpose of this essay will be to weigh those competing definitions and draw inference based on their requisite strengths and weaknesses. Similarly, scientists have struggled over the years to uniformly define life based on its most common attributes. For instance, in 1944, physicist Erwin Schrodinger defined life as â€Å"that which avoids the decay into equilibrium†. Although this definition is at least partially va lid, there are non-life forms that ascribe to this same level of meaning. For instance, few biologists would argue that a forest fire is a life form. It grows, reproduces, and resists entropy. One could even argue that to a certain degree fire consumes energy to produce thermal heat as well as performs a type of respiration; all of these are verifiable attributes of life. However, fire is most certainly not a life form. However, even considering the shortcomings of this particular definition, there is the additional shortcoming that all life, regardless of its form, eventually seeks entropy as well. In this way, it is clear that although certain processes may avoid decay into equilibrium, it is unwise to call these processes a life form due to the fact that eventually all matter, energy, and life seeks entropy (Jagers op Akkerhuis 248). Similarly, many biologists have hearkened back to Darwin in order to determine what defines life. Those that ascribe to distinctly Darwinian school of thought define life as that which resists entropy and seeks to perpetuate a self-sustaining system cable of evolution. Although this definition is useful, it is similarly too broad to adequately narrow the focus of the researcher/student in understanding the complex nature of life. Likewise, many others conclude that metabolism is a requirement for something to be considered a life form. Regardless of the particular variety of life that is being analyzed, the common denotation of this is that all life requires a form of metabolic processes in order to synthesize, utilize, and extract useful energy for life. Similarly, this process invariably utilizes H20. As such, many biologists have appropriately theorized that all life requires H20 as a functional component of cellular growth, respiration, and division. Although this is merely supposition, the evolution of life on other planets may well utilize another more plentiful means of growth, division, and respiration than H20. Due to the fact that

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Producing the financial statements Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Producing the financial statements - Coursework Example Producing the financial statements Building an engine factory needs substantial cash outlay in terms of capital. Capital items don’t go to the income statement unless in terms of financial cost like interest so the statement may be un affected but the financial position will be affected as money moves from the bank/cash for construction and to be eventually capitalized. Loans are relatively easy to acquire if there is collateral available but is a rather expensive mode of financing due to the ever increasing interest rates. Using retained earnings to finance is cheap and efficient but the disadvantage is that it will starve the company of liquidity needed to finance daily operations. If VW ceased operations in China, this will result in a 31 percent fall in sales which was attributed to the Chinese market in the last financial results. There will be a further loss of 9.6 bn Euros that is attributed to joint ventures. G.M’s net income of 595 million dollars that is derived from the Chinese market will also be lost. The recall caused a charge of 3.1 billion dollars on the income of G.M. The production expenses would certainly go down and hence increased productivity. The market being exited will experience direct and indirect job losses while the opposite will be the case for the market being entered. Shareholders are always concerned with the return on their investment and if this action results in a gain on their share value, the shareholders will be more than glad but if the share value does not appreciate then they will not be amused.

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Research proposal in identity theft in banking,uk Essay

Research proposal in identity theft in banking,uk - Essay Example 1 billion every year to identity theft which is already sending warning signals to the online bankers. With more banks venturing in online services and online financial transfer is dominant in these sectors, the banks and the customers are at a very high risk of losing their money to fraudsters. This research intends to narrow down to cybercrime, an area that has had little coverage by researchers of identity theft, yet a threatening one. By taking a quantitative approach to identify the severity cybercrime in identity theft and identifying possible security approaches that can be used to reduce instances of identity theft, it is possible to make viable recommendations that would go way far in reducing identity theft. Problem statement In the UK, the banking sector loses approximately ?1 billion to cyber crime and customer trust is at stake in this sector (Barclays, 2013). The banking sector is a major contributor to the economy of the country contributing about 8% of the UK Gross Do mestic Product. Therefore, it is one of the sectors that must be protected to ensure economic stability in the UK. Online banking is an innovative strategy that has enhanced business growth in the UK and has ensured customer comfort and satisfaction. However, as the internet technology grows, network aware experts delve in cyber crime and take advantage of innocent customers who do not know the threats that they expose themselves to wherever they conduct an online bank transaction in the UK. By identifying the vulnerability of the people and possible mitigation measures it is possible to protect the banking industry and consequently contribute to the economic development of the UK. Research Questions This research study intends to provide the answers to two critical research questions; What are the factors that predispose customers to identity theft during their online transactions? And what are the possible mitigation measures that would reduce the risk of customers falling victims of cybercrime? Objectives of the Study Main objectives To identify the factors that predispose customers to identity theft during their online bank transactions. To identify possible mitigative measures to protect online bank transactions from cyber crime. Specific Objectives To gather information from the public on their awareness risk of the identity theft while conducting online bank transactions. To assess the UK bank's security policies that protect their customers from identity theft within the scope of their online services. To identify the efficiency of the banking security policies in protecting their customers from cybercrime. To quantitatively analyse the data and make possible conclusions on identity theft To make viable recommendations on the possible measures that can protect bank customers from identity theft. Literature Review According to Haldane (2011, Para. 3), an economic analyst, the UK banking sector contributes to over 8% of the country gross domestic product and employs millions of UK residents. This points out that the UK banking sector is a major contributor in the economic development of the country, hence the need to protect it from any kind of business threat. Surprisingly, the UK banking sector continues to lose over ?1 billion every year from identity theft which has led to loss of trust in customers and a consequential drop in their revenue margin. In the current technology driven business sector,

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A Church as One of the Important Foundations of Community Literature review - 2

A Church as One of the Important Foundations of Community - Literature review Example The culture of consumerism, according to Brooks (2), is the main problem that has undermined the biblical model. Communities frequently view the classical church as archaic or oppressive. As a result, the church is viewed by the public as a provider of religious services only. Furthermore, churches of different congregations have come to inventing multiple creative ways of attracting people to them – attracting new ‘clients’, just like it happens in the corporate world. Churches compete among themselves to offer the most attractive array of programs to potential ‘clients’. People, in their turn, are free to move from one church to another depending on their individual needs or preferences. As a result, they do not form a single community of believers, because their interests and activities may be scattered across a wide array of different programs offered by different churches. So, the biblical discipline should be enforced in order for the communitie s to become more united. First of all, and it should be among the tasks of the church, it is necessary to deliver to the people the need for unity. Knowledge, intelligence and virtues are the foundation for making the church a community consolidation institute, instead of just a temporary community of parishioners (Hauerwas). Public and private moralities, as Stanley Hauerwas suggests, should be united in order for people to change their perception of churches. The society has to realize the very nature of the church as an institution.

The Use of Computer to Ones Advantage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Use of Computer to Ones Advantage - Essay Example The essay expresses the idea that computers are playing a dominant role in our today’s life. Modern technology has made a lot of jobs easier nowadays. Machines are now used to carry heavy burdens enabling fast constructions of buildings, roads, bridges and the like. These machines improved with the use of computers to manipulate them. The effects of modern technology are not just limited in such burdensome works but have affected travel and communication as well. Transportation has greatly improved from the carts pulled by horses to the manual cars, buses and trains and now, the computer-operated vehicles. This improvement brought ease and comfort in everyday travels that the world has literally become smaller. Another extent that computers have affected is the communication process. A person on the far end of the world is now able to know what is happening on the other end through television, cell phone or computer. Looking around, most people use these technologies not only to be updated with what is happening around the world but also to keep in touch with families, work and entertain themselves. Computers have become an essential part of everyday life that one cannot imagine being able to survive a day without them. Every move of the modern man now seems to be dependent on computers, from the use of alarm clocks to wake him up to the use of cell phones or computers and the internet to accomplish paper works, send and receive money as well as information, hire employees and many others.

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Ground Conditions And Explanation of Implications For Design And Essay

Ground Conditions And Explanation of Implications For Design And Construction - Essay Example This paper approves that positions and heights for trees, hedges or shrubs within areas of shrinkable clay were noted too. Ponds, springs, and other waters positions were marked on the map of the site. Placing fill in the location has raised ground levels and this is evident due to features shown on the geological maps as well as aerial photographs, which were found to be missing on the ground. Previously filled areas were determined through comparisons between what appeared on the site and aerial photographs and ordnance survey maps. There were signs of mining within the area evidenced by presence of derelict/hummocky land, old mine buildings as well as infilling or spoil heaps. Slope angles were interpreted through material types underlying the site. Landslips on the other hand indicated terraced ground, poorly drained conditions along the hillsides. Geological maps have identified layers that contain minerals. This report makes a conclusion that direct investigation made it possible to obtain values for limitations defining the soil sufficiency characteristics for designing economical and safe foundations. The investigation was carried out keeping in mind the risks that could arise as a result of inadequate investigation especially with regard to ground behavior. The investigation has made available information in some cost effective means for new works engineering design so that construction costs may be reduced via economic foundation design, structural defects that could arise from unacceptable ground movements are eliminated, health hazards associated with contaminated land can be detected, unforeseen ground conditions claims are avoided, and foundations are prevented from chemical attack.

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A review on the play Buried Child By Sam Shepard Term Paper

A review on the play Buried Child By Sam Shepard - Term Paper Example The play explicitly reveals how different family values and the concept of an American family were a few decades back from how they are perceived today by the American nation in general. The concept of the American Dream is also kept highly obvious throughout the play as different portions from the play can be easily connected by the readers or viewers to construct the message conveyed by the author, which identifies how the youth remains incapable of carrying out the American Dream either due to physical or emotional reasons. Disappointment and disillusionment displayed by all the main characters in the play due to the basic requirements of the American Dream not getting fulfilled also forms a major part of this celebrated play. It is easy to judge from the play that Shepard has tried to convey the apparently boring information about myriad actual frustrations and problems faced by the American nation a few decades back while taking care to present that grave and sensitive informati on in a highly engaging and entertaining way. The author of the play Buried Child, Sam Shepard happens to be one of the mainstream American playwrights, actors, and film directors. Being closely associated with the entertainment media and having maintained his first-class status almost through out his active years makes Shepard a highly distinguished and wildly talented artist which is the reason why he also got awarded for writing the play under discussion in this critical review. In addition to advancing his myriad talented ideas in the field of drama and production, he also served as a learned teacher for quite many years busily teaching the naà ¯ve students crucially important tactics of acting and writing which explains why many of his literary works bagged worldwide critical acclaim. He is recognized as a truly shrewd and keen playwright who is