Sunday, September 8, 2019

Ground Conditions And Explanation of Implications For Design And Essay

Ground Conditions And Explanation of Implications For Design And Construction - Essay Example This paper approves that positions and heights for trees, hedges or shrubs within areas of shrinkable clay were noted too. Ponds, springs, and other waters positions were marked on the map of the site. Placing fill in the location has raised ground levels and this is evident due to features shown on the geological maps as well as aerial photographs, which were found to be missing on the ground. Previously filled areas were determined through comparisons between what appeared on the site and aerial photographs and ordnance survey maps. There were signs of mining within the area evidenced by presence of derelict/hummocky land, old mine buildings as well as infilling or spoil heaps. Slope angles were interpreted through material types underlying the site. Landslips on the other hand indicated terraced ground, poorly drained conditions along the hillsides. Geological maps have identified layers that contain minerals. This report makes a conclusion that direct investigation made it possible to obtain values for limitations defining the soil sufficiency characteristics for designing economical and safe foundations. The investigation was carried out keeping in mind the risks that could arise as a result of inadequate investigation especially with regard to ground behavior. The investigation has made available information in some cost effective means for new works engineering design so that construction costs may be reduced via economic foundation design, structural defects that could arise from unacceptable ground movements are eliminated, health hazards associated with contaminated land can be detected, unforeseen ground conditions claims are avoided, and foundations are prevented from chemical attack.

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