Saturday, September 7, 2019

A review on the play Buried Child By Sam Shepard Term Paper

A review on the play Buried Child By Sam Shepard - Term Paper Example The play explicitly reveals how different family values and the concept of an American family were a few decades back from how they are perceived today by the American nation in general. The concept of the American Dream is also kept highly obvious throughout the play as different portions from the play can be easily connected by the readers or viewers to construct the message conveyed by the author, which identifies how the youth remains incapable of carrying out the American Dream either due to physical or emotional reasons. Disappointment and disillusionment displayed by all the main characters in the play due to the basic requirements of the American Dream not getting fulfilled also forms a major part of this celebrated play. It is easy to judge from the play that Shepard has tried to convey the apparently boring information about myriad actual frustrations and problems faced by the American nation a few decades back while taking care to present that grave and sensitive informati on in a highly engaging and entertaining way. The author of the play Buried Child, Sam Shepard happens to be one of the mainstream American playwrights, actors, and film directors. Being closely associated with the entertainment media and having maintained his first-class status almost through out his active years makes Shepard a highly distinguished and wildly talented artist which is the reason why he also got awarded for writing the play under discussion in this critical review. In addition to advancing his myriad talented ideas in the field of drama and production, he also served as a learned teacher for quite many years busily teaching the naà ¯ve students crucially important tactics of acting and writing which explains why many of his literary works bagged worldwide critical acclaim. He is recognized as a truly shrewd and keen playwright who is

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