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Lord of the flies :: essays research papers

I am writing in response to the spring cleaning of Library that is coming up soon. I have heard that the position Department is currently deciding which videos they should keep in the library. For the videos of Lord of the go, I would prefer the school to keep the 1963 version instead of the 1990 version.The 1963 version of the Lord of the locomote would be a worthier choice for the Grade 11 students who study this novel. It follows the novel that William Golding wrote as opposed to the 1990 version which it emphasizes entertainment rather than the actual story. Furthermore, the 1990 version would hold students who are currently studying this story. The director has appended in many scenes that were not in the book. At the same time, he has left out many eventful episodes that should have been portrayed onto the screen to facilitate Goldings salient message to his audiences. Moreover, the additional scenes of the new version contribute to a contradiction that would tangle up th e audience if they had read his work. For example, the boys on the island built the camp and shelter maiden instead of the fire. There was no voting section for the choosing of leaders in the first assembly. It has no choir members among the group of boys. The boys even ate lizards in this video and had story telling during the nights. There was also an existence of a man that has got bear seriously that had been surviving with them all along. As for the 1963 version, the director had tried to follow the original theme of the novel itself. It started off how the novel did. It goes on with scenes that are more than the same as the novel. For the characters, the 1990 version gave the audience some contrastive characteristics of them. In it, Jack was extremely evil and cruel. He cut his fingers, used his blood to headst adept his face and his hunters faces. As for Piggy, he has no asthma at all. He had been unusually kind and caring to the younger children as well, and also being t he one who tells them stories. Ralph had also been particularly virtuous in the beginning of the movie. He had been exceptionally patient with the boys. As I have told you, the older version of Lord of the Flies depict the book version to a greater degree.

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Lyme Disease Essay -- essays research papers

Lyme DiseaseIntroduction & Symptoms Causes & Treatments Recommended Web Sites Lyme disease is transmitted by tiny ticks of the Ixodidae family and afflicts about 10,000 people yearly. Initially identified in a group of children in Lyme, Conn.,the disease has now been found in nearly all states and 18 other countries. About 90 percent of cases are reported in three areas the northeast and mid-Atlantic states (Massachusetts toMaryland), the upper Midwest (Minnesota and Wisconsin), and the cold West (California and Oregon). The first sign is usually a bulls-eye bloom that expands to several inches in diameter before disappearing after a few weeks. In some cases, the rash may take a different form or may be absent altogether. Other early symptoms with or without the rash are flu-like feelings of fatigue, headache, fever, sore throat, chills or body aches. You may also have vague pains in the joints, without swelling. In about half the patients who are non treated, this jointpain returns in about six months as painful arthritis with swelling, usually in one knee. In about 10 percent of these cases, Lyme arthritis becomes chronic. some patients also experience a complex range of other symptoms, including stiff neck, headaches,sensitivity to light, memory loss, mood changes, chronic fatigue, recurring rashes, paralysis of one or both sides of the face, disruption of heart rhythm, and areas of tingling or numbness. Because...

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Legalized Killing Should Be Abolished Essay -- Capital Punishment

Capital punishment, also called death penalty, is the punishment by death for a crime, and the only form of legalized killing. It may be carried out by electrocution, hanging, lethal injection, gas chamber, and firing squad. The death penalty has been banished in over one cytosine and thirty countries, and it has been abolished in every industrialized nation except for the united States of America. In the United States, capital punishment has been an extremely controversial issue that divides the countrified and leads to disharmony. The death penalty abolition movement is growing, and some progress is being made, but there is a lot of work yet to be done. in that location are various organizations using different avenues to abolish the death penalty. They have been successful in New Mexico, Illinois, New Jersey and New York. These are organizations ilk Amnesty International, The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (NCADP), and The People of Faith against the Death Pe nalty (PFADP).Amnesty international is an eloquent and a well-known organization that is established in different parts of the world and active in the defense of human rights since 1961. It is one of the largest and best-known international nongovernmental organizations that is dedicated to human-centered treatment of all people. Amnesty means a general pardon for offenses or an act of forgiveness for past offenses. They serve several purposes on the carry about of equality, peace and social justice. However, one of their main goals is to abolish the death penalty. The organization has been quite successful in many countries and some states in the United States. Amnesty International stands out, because it has good governmental contacts all around the world, so Amnest... ... 2012. .Draper, Thomas. Capital Punishment. New York H.W. Wilson, 1985. Print.Gottfried, Ted. The Death Penalty Justice or Legalized Murder? Brookfield, CT Twenty-First Century, 2002. Print.Illustrated Oxford Dictionary. London etc. Dorling Kindersley, 2003. Print.Kennedy Cuomo. Abolish Capital Punishment in Blot, David (Ed.) Supplementary Readings on Peace and Nonviolence. Bronx, New York self-Published, 2008.Kronenwetter, Michael. Capital Punishment A Reference Handbook. Santa Barbara, CA ABC-CLIO, 2001. Print.McCarthy, Colman. The Worlds Only True False Quiz on Legalized Killing. The Center for Teaching Peace. Newsletter, 2011.Weisberg, Roger and Vanessa Roth. No Tomorrow (DVD). Docuramafilms. A Production of Public Policy Productions, 2010.

The Three Marvins :: GCSE Business Marketing Coursework

The Three MarvinsMarvin LoweryI think the main things you have to look at in this case are is Marvin a danger to himself, is he a danger to others in the workplace, what can you as a supervisor do to help the situation? It was stated in the brief that he has caused and accident due to carelessness. I think this proves that he is both a danger to himself and others. There is in any case the added touch of suicide. I think the best show up would be to talk to human resources about the types of counseling is available. You should also look into community groups that provide help for this specific type of situation. There are also religious organizations that help with bereavement, if applicable. When you have appropriate counselors and community services line up, I would and so sit down with Mr. Lowery and discuss the situation. I would try to make in on the fact that you are concerned for Marvin. You know he is a good employee and you do not want to lose him. I would t hen present him with some options on counseling. Make him aware of the fact that if he needs more time, that leave without pay is available. I would then reiterate your concern for his well being and that of his coworkers. Let him know that for any help he needs, that you are there for him. Your first concern is for his welfare.Marvin FletcherI would set up a time to talk with Marvin. I would start off by stating the fact that he is a valued employee. You understand the difficulty he may be having with his children, because both he and his spouse works. I would then let him know that you cannot continuously adjust his schedule to accommodate this. If this is going to be as patronise as it has been then Mr. Fletcher will need to use his sick time and/or vacation time to make up for it. You might ask him whether it is likely for his wife to pick up the kids more often. Reiterate that you understand his situation but you have the rest of the department to think about as wel l. blood Before you talk with Marvin you should look into whether flex time is feasible in your department.

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Exploring Teaching Methods that Help Engage Students Essay -- Educatio

Considering a stereotypical class room, the bell rings, students are almost in their seats, and the instructor is demanding their attention. It is hard for the teacher to gain the attention let alone the willingness to learn from their students. No matter what subject is universe taught, this has the recipe for boredom from the chafe go. Any curiosity or imagination for the students has been choked. In order for the teacher to gain the eagerness to learn from his students, he would have to resort to all the intellectual keenness he could muster. No matter how gifted the teacher, students tend to lose interest in learning in an everyday run of the mill modality of class room environment. What creative power or what unusual and highly innovated resource can be implemented into a classroom that has been limited by tradition, a lack of creativity, and monotony? The answer is not a teacher who has an ingenious nature or who is a skilled innovator. The answer relies on the teac hers methods. There are many different methods that have proved to be effective. Activities such as group put up discussion, group discovery, and teacher lead critical thinking discussions have proved effective in integrating different learning styles (Chick). Another method that will stimulate the imagination, and arouse the uninflected side of learners is implementation of audio visuals and visual aids for the introduction, during the lectures, prompts for discussions, and even for the closure of class (Atkinson 2). This is a tool a resource that needs to be tapped. Lastly, background signal up the classroom into groups of desks and even changing the classroom on a day to day basis that will emulate what kind of methods are being used for that day by the teacher keeps lear... ...ary Module. ProQuest. Grafton Library, Fredericksburg, Va. 17 Nov. 2008 Olson, Allan. . Technology that MOVES Assessment and Student Achievement FORWARD. MultiMedia & Internet drills 1 Nov. 2004 26-28. Education Module. ProQuest. Grafton Library, Fredericksburg, VA. 13 Feb. 2009 Strassman, Barbara K., and Trisha OConnell. Authoring with video. The translation Teacher 61.4 (Dec 2007) 330(4). General OneFile. Gale. LIRN. 3 Oct. 2008 . Teachable Moments. Morningside Center for Teaching Social Resposibilities. 13 Feb 2009 .Wong, Harry, and Rosemary Wong. How To Be An Effective Teacher The First days of School Mountain View, CA Harry K. Wong Publications, Inc, 2004.

Exploring Teaching Methods that Help Engage Students Essay -- Educatio

Considering a stereotypical class room, the bell rings, students are almost in their seats, and the teacher is demanding their attention. It is hard for the teacher to gain the attention let alone the willingness to learn from their students. No matter what subject is being taught, this has the recipe for boredom from the get go. Any curiosity or imagination for the students has been choked. In order for the teacher to gain the eagerness to learn from his students, he would live with to resort to all the mental keenness he could muster. No matter how gifted the teacher, students tend to lose interest in learning in an everyday run of the mill style of class room environment. What seminal power or what unusual and highly innovated resource can be implemented into a classroom that has been limited by tradition, a lack of creativity, and monotony? The answer is not a teacher who has an ingenious nature or who is a skilled innovator. The answer relies on the teachers methods. There are many different methods that have proved to be effective. Activities such as group lead discussion, group discovery, and teacher lead critical thinking discussions have proved effective in integrating different learning styles (Chick). Another method that will stimulate the imagination, and arouse the analytical side of learners is implementation of sound visuals and visual aids for the introduction, during the lectures, prompts for discussions, and hitherto for the closure of class (Atkinson 2). This is a tool a resource that needs to be tapped. Lastly, setting up the classroom into groups of desks and even changing the classroom on a day to day basis that will emulate what kind of methods are being used for that day by the teacher keeps lear... ...ary Module. ProQuest. Grafton Library, Fredericksburg, Va. 17 Nov. 2008 Olson, Allan. . Technology that MOVES Assessment and Student Achievement FORWARD. MultiMedia & InternetSchools 1 Nov. 2004 26-28. Education Mod ule. ProQuest. Grafton Library, Fredericksburg, VA. 13 Feb. 2009 Strassman, Barbara K., and Trisha OConnell. Authoring with video. The Reading Teacher 61.4 (Dec 2007) 330(4). General OneFile. Gale. LIRN. 3 Oct. 2008 . Teachable Moments. Morningside Center for Teaching Social Resposibilities. 13 Feb 2009 .Wong, hassle, and Rosemary Wong. How To Be An Effective Teacher The First days of School Mountain View, CA Harry K. Wong Publications, Inc, 2004.

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Dr King vs Dalai Lama

Upon comparing Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. and Dalai Lama it be fall outs apparent that the two share many similar doctrines and beliefs. Although they come from two totally different backgrounds it seems as though their overall goals and dreams coincide. The most striking similarity is that both manpower advocated/advocate for recreation and nonviolent solutions to problems. charm they may have approached matters differently the goal was the same. Analyzing both men one begins to see that they are admired by so many people because of their philosophies.Dr. King said, the nonviolent resister does not seek to humiliate or defeat the opponent but to win his friendship and understanding. In comparison, Dalai Lama said, Real peace is not just the absence of violence or war. A mere absence of war is not genuine lasting world peace. placidity must develop on mutual trust. Looking at only these two quotes one can see the likeness of thought the two men shared. Dr. King crusaded for c ivil rights for African Americans, while Dalai Lama is an advocate for the liberation of Tibet.In both situations oppression is/was trying to be wiped out, due to environment and procreation there are contrasts in the facets the men explored to achieve their goals. Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyasto, was innate(p) July 6th 1935 in Takster, Amdo in northeastern Tibet. He came from humble beginnings in farming colony and lived with his family in a small hamlet. At the age of two he was deemed the reincarnation of the 13th Dalai Lama and his education began at age six.Studying logic, Tibetan art and culture, Sanskrit, medicine, and Buddhist philosophy Dalai Lama proved to be a good student. At the age of twenty three he took his final scrutiny and passed with flying colors, he received multiple honours and received the Geshe Lharampa degree in Leadership responsibilities (This is the highest degree in Tibet and is equivalent to a doctorate). Dr. King was born January 15th 1929 in Atlanta Geor gia to Martin Luther King Sr. and Alberta Williams King.

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Corporate Governance Essay

1. Business Decision that comp atomic number 18s the costs and benefits of manufacturing a product or product component against purchasing it. If the purchase price is high than what it would cost the maker to make it, or if the manufacturer has excess capacity that could be used for that product, or the manufacturers suppliers are unreliable, then the manufacturer may choose to make the product. This assumes the manufacturer has the skills and equipment necessary, access to raw materials, and the ability to meet its own product standards. A company who chooses to make rather than sully is at risk of losing alternative sources, design flexibility, and access to technological innovations. Determination whether to produce a component fibre internally or to buy it from an removed supplier. This conclusiveness involves both qualitative and quantitative factors. Qualitative considerations include product quality and the necessity for long- point. Business relationships with subcontr actors. Quantitative factors deal with cost. The quantitative effects of the make-or-buy decision are best seen through the relevant cost approach. 2. They Budget for many reasons to control spending, to set goals, to control the direction of the company, and to run effectively.Controlling spending is an explicit reason.Setting goals is a nonher. For instance, if x department meets a goal, they may get a budget increase (which can lead to an increase in wages for that department). Allocating monies to a department makes that department want to be much efficient with their money.Budget managers can control the direction of the company by giving or not giving money to certain parts of the company. For instance, in an oil company, a budget manager might give a lot of money to the geographic expedition department to find new oil, but cut back on the Logistics department.Budgeting is a great way to both force a company to run efficiently and to find out if they are actually doing it. If a department or region is consistently over-budget, they will need to be looked at as to why. If another region is consistently under-budget, maybe they are being allocated too many resources that could go somewhere else.DELOITTE3. Company boards, executives, and management are investing more and more time and resources on issues of sustainability such as carbon (greenhouse gas emissions), energy efficient technology, water use, cleantech, and biodiversity, to name just a few. An important part of the global push towards sustainability practices involves a need to account for, and report on, sustainability sometimes referred to as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) coverage. On this page, we maintain a history of developments in sustainability report requirements and practices, tracking its gradual adoption on both a voluntary and mandatory basis, and also consider the wider integrated reporting initiative being light-emitting diode by the International Integrated r eport Council (IIRC). International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)The International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) (previously the International Integrated Reporting Committee) was formed in August 2010 and aims to create a globally accepted framework for accounting for sustainability, bringing unitedly financial, environmental, social and governance entropy in an integrated format. The IIRC brings together a cross section of representatives from corporate, investment, accounting, securities, regulatory, academic and standard-setting sectors as well as civil society. It comprises a Steering Committee, a Working Group and a trinity taskforces (dealing with content development, engagement and communications, and governance). The IIRC is chaired by Professor Mervyn King, Chairman, King Committee on Corporate Governance and Former Chairman, Global Reporting Initiative. Membership includes Hans Hoogervorst (IASB Chairman), Leslie Seidman (FASB Chairperson), Maria capital of Montana Santana, (Chairperson, IOSCO Executive Committee), Gran Tidstrm (IFAC President), Jim Quigley (former global Chief Executive Officer of Deloitte), and many others.Paul Druckman is Chief Executive Officer. The objectives for an integrated reporting framework are to * support the information needs of long-term investors, by showing the broader and longer-term consequences of decision-making * reflect the interconnections between environmental, social, governance and financial factors in decisions that affect long-term performance and condition, making clear the link between sustainability and economic value * provide the necessary framework for environmental and social factors to be taken into account systematically in reporting and decision-making * rebalance performance metrics away from an undue emphasis on short term financial performance * bring reporting closer to the information used by management to run the business on a day-to-day basis.* The International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) has released a finalised prototype of its integrated reporting framework and reaffirmed the expected timing of the issue of a consultative document as it moves towards finalisation of the framework by the end of 2013.* The International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) has launched an Integrated Reporting Emerging Practice Examples Database, which contains integrated reporting examples from businesses around the world.

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Research on Primates at the Zoo

pic A Zoo for a Primate Observation 11/15/2012 For this paper I stubborn to cry Zoo Atlanta to observe lowland gorillas. I got to the zoo at around eleven in the morning and show out the feeding times for the gorillas. Once I found them, after watching them for a little while I selected the virtually mobile group to go watch during feeding. The point of this solecism was to coerce me feel as if I was doing a field laboratory observation of high priest amicable behavior and it definitely did.As you read my paper I will include what I saw, my feelings towards it, and also any questions or facts I received during my visit from volunteers or signs throughout the exhibit. To put this paper into perspective with this anthropology class I will be using five terms that argon from chapter seven to bring up the field observation. I hope you enjoy my paper, cause I sure enjoyed writing it. At Zoo Atlanta there ar four military of Lowland gorillas although solely tercet are located on the yards right now.The three different groups are Tazs group, Ozzies group, and the Bachelor males. While observing the different groups Tazs was the nearly active and therefore I decided to observe them especially during feeding. Feeding was at two fifteen in the afternoon and the feeder stood on acme of the building that had a huge glass window to watch out. A volunteer gave the following information to me or I find it for myself during my visit. E really group eats about six times a day including snacks.The most important meal being breakfast just alike anatomically newfangled humans is served right before or right as the commonalty opens. This meal is cute up in small pieces and scattered throughout the park so that they moldiness forage for the food since this is what they would use up to do in the wild. Before this meal they are served pre-breakfast which is considered a primate chow very correspondent to what dogs eat made my pedigree. They also rifle snacks thro ughout the day, mainly fruits. One thing that really shocked me is that they are ALL vegetarian.They are all so big and by first glance you would never imagine that. The thing that shocked me the most was during the feeding when every single gorilla got into a authorized spot and thats where he or she was fed this is mainly because they are non good at sharing, especially mothers. This process of them tuition that they must get into their own spot is a great example of enculturation. Enculturation is the process of learning culture and transmitting it throughout generations. The last thing with feeding is that they do a process called RNR if they are still hungry.This act is known as regurgitation and re-eating. As nasty as that sounds they do it over and over until they are finally total. One crazy interesting fact is that on an average day a male gorilla consumes sixty-six pounds of vegetation a day. another(prenominal) than food, other interesting things I found were the sim ilarities of the lowland gorillas compared to humans. Can you believe they take the identical medications as us? Well they do They take tenderness medications due to genetic heart problems and see cardiologist just like us.Another similarity is when females are pregnant, there pregnancy last just about the same length of time, eight to nine months and they have only angiotensin-converting enzyme at a time. One of their females genuinely had twins within the last couple age and the lady I spoke with kept repeating herself at how rare twins are between gorillas. She made a joke and I suasion it was kind of funny, she said she gave birth on Halloween so I think that was her way of saying trick or treat. The Atlanta Zoo is genuinely the only zoo with mother-reared twins, isnt that awe almost?Another thing is when the little gorillas were playing they were pretty rough just like little kids are when they are playing around. This is more of a comparison than a similarity besides a sign in the zoo in the area that the gorillas were in, said Gorillas have distinct nose prints like humans have distinct fingerprints. Just like when the police are trying to identify person they use fingerprints, well when people are trying to identify the gorilla they outhouse use the different nose prints. I am now press release to tell you what I learned while at the zoo and I will start that with the gorillas social behaviors.First off the gorillas were in the rear of the park in the Ford African Rain Forest. Ford Company sponsors this area and they actually named one of the gorillas, Henry Ford. The first group I observed was the Bachelors and only two were out that you could see but three is apart of the yard. Their names are Stadi, Kekla, and Charlie. The two that were showing any social interest was Kekla and Charlie according to the volunteer but all they did was either sit down or move from branch to branch and sit again. I decided to move on after about ten minutes and that is when I saw Tazs group.This group was constantly moving around, playing, being rough, climb up on rock figures set up for them in the exhibit, eating leaves, or relaxing in the sunshine. Henry Ford is also apart of Tazs group. Gorillas delay in families of two to twenty members, with normally one being male and the rest female and offspring. This is exactly the case with Tazs group. There is nine whole and I will list them from oldest to youngest Kuchi, Taz, Kudzoo, Sukari, Lulu, Kazi, Macy B, Henry, and Merry Leigh (Willie Bs granddaughter).Within that group Taz is the only male other than Henry who is his offspring. Since these gorillas were actively on the move I did get the chance to hear and see a couple noises they make. The first was when Henry started running it sounded almost like drums, but vocally I did not hear anything and I asked the attendant and she said that all you really ever hear is them running around. The other thing that caught my attention that I thought was so cute was when Merry Leigh came up to the glass and thumped her chest.I thought that only happened it movies but it was the cutest thing. The volunteer said that this is her way of showing that she is the cutest one out there but can also be a sign to intimidate. Before Tazs group was fed I observed their behavior for a couple hours. They were active especially compared to the Bachelors. The first thing I noticed was that Taz was sitting to the left of everyone at the back close to the fence/window. This brought me to question why and I was assured it was due to him being the silverback of the group.That means he is the protector, which is the fathers place. He sits there just about all day watching to make sure everything is going smoothly and that no one is acting up or is unsafe. He makes sure everyone is cooperating or using cooperative behavior. Just like in human families how the dads are the protectors it is the same scenario here. The children or baby gorill as played with separately other throwing their arms around on each other while the mothers sat and watched. When they were done playing they would go climb on things or just be active.During my visit there was no impinge but at any point it could arise but the father, in this case Taz would take care of it. Some really interesting facts I found are that they do not have to drink water because they receive enough in their diet, although they are the largest primates. The average male gorilla weighs about three to four hundred pounds and can end up being six foot tall. Gorillas love sleep and an important thing to them is reservation a new nest to sleep in every night. As long as they stay healthy, especially ones in captivity can detain to their late forties to early fifties.Overall, these little, well should I say big fellows are becoming endangered and unfortunately there is only about one hundred thousand left running around in the wild. One thing that really stuck out to me w as that they have opposing thumbs, which is used for grasping and climbing. The full definition for opposing thumb is a thumb that can touch all the other fingers. Also, they see in color and in three-dimensional. Not only are they unique but also smart. At this point, they are undergoing cultural transmission along with the orangutans, which is a transmission through learning, basic to language.Overall, I must say they are very interesting mammals. In this paper I went over the socialization of lowland gorillas, along with their eating habits, similarities to humans, and also included some random facts in that I thought were very interesting. This trip to the zoo was enjoyed to the fullest and I hope this paper reflects that. Lowland Gorillas are actually very interesting and there is a lot more to them than I ever expected. Learning all this stuff about the gorillas makes me wonder what all I am really missing out there and what else there is to know about everything.Gorillas, low land in particular live in troops usually with one head male and the rest females with offspring. They usually reach three hundred to four hundred pounds and have only one baby at a time. Their pregnancies last for nine months or just about, just like humans. They eat their vegetarian meals about six times a day, and do not have to drink water to survive because they receive enough in their meal. Some seem very active, especially younger ones while the bachelor troop seemed very laid back but that may be because they are older.On average, gorillas range from two to twenty per troop but the biggest I saw on my trip was nine. They can take prescription medications just like you and me Even have some of the same problems such as cardiovascular problems and arthritis. Overall, we are very some(prenominal) alike although the chimpanzees are the closest versions of mammal to us. They have their own forms of communication, birth is very similar, we eat some of the same things, take some o f the same medication, can reach the same heights, and we all have bodies with hair.This has definitely opened my eyes to things I have never seen or thought of before but learning new things is great so I believe this experience was well worth the price. My impressions of the zoo was that it was very well maintained and clean, yet kind of pricey but I understand that they need to make money to feed those beautiful animals. I enjoyed this assignment a lot, and I am glad I had the opportunity to do this. One of my favorite pictures I took at Zoo Atlanta while observing Tazs group.

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Semester Updates

All assignments must be handed in during schedule classes. DO NOT EMAIL ASSIGNMENTS. ***Please remember there is a one-week maximum for submission***. After one week, submissions will no longer be accepted. Late assignments without appropriate text fileation will receive a grade but no comments. disciples are responsible for go foring a Xerox reduplicate of all take-home assignments. If you need an extension for extenuating circumstances, please discuss this with the professor before the due date, and an email that covers what has been agreed upon will be anticipate before an extension is granted.Evaluation Term Work The bound work will constitute 75% of the final exam grade. A minimum of 50% of graded term work must be completed in class. students will read 8-10 selections and write a minimum of 2500 words during the term, including at least two 500-word analytical essays written in class a 1000-word analytical essay and a research assignment. Students will develop arguments based upon a critical appreciation of the themes and literary techniques presented in the readings. They will also support their views with textual references.No more than 10% of the final grade will be allotted to quizzes and/or group work. net Examination The final exam will constitute 25% of the course grade. It will be a common exam in the form of a textual analysis. Students must pass the term work and the final exam to pass the course. Grading System In addition to the usual passing grades of A+ to D, there are two grades that denote unsuccessful commences at EACH 50 F (O to 49%) Failure (term work has not been completed) ATT The scholar has right attendance and has completed the term work, but has not met the learning outcomes.Any students receiving ATT in EACH 150 will continue their studies in EACH 150 in subsequent semesters until they surrender met the earning outcomes. In the meantime, the ATT grade does not affect the students grade point average. Students who feel that they may not pass the subject are, therefore, encouraged to keep working hard in the subject rather than drop it. Consistent attendance is important for success in this subject. If you are absent from class, please spread abroad your professor by e-mail. You are still responsible for the material and assignments missed and will be required to provide documentation.For extensions or special considerations, make the orison well in advance of any due dates. Considerate classroom conduct, adequate class preparation, and constructive participation will enhance your academic acquire and that of your colleagues. In particular, you are asked to contribute to the learning environment by being prompt, courteous, responsible and collaborative, and by following the behavioral policies listed in the College schoolman Policy and the Student Handbook. Student/Faculty Consultation Outside Classroom Hours Please arrange times with your professor to discuss your work and progress in this co urse.Learning Centre For innocent assistance in English, visit our Learning Centre and make an appointment tit one of our tutors. In EACH, weekly appointments are often recommended for extra cooperate with grammar, sentence structure, composition, or vocabulary. Tutors can offer guidance and help you remedy writing problems, but will not proofread, or correct grammar, or exchange content. Visit the Writing Centre in Room SSL 120 of the Learning Commons or book an appointment online at HTTPS//www. Seneca. On. Ca/ webs.Please retain this document for future educational and/or employment use. Academic Regulations It is your responsibility as a student of Seneca College to be aware of and abide by he academic and behavioral policies outlined in the College Academic Policy and the Student Handbook. Here are some key policies Academic Honesty (Section 9 and Appendix E Academic Policy) Engaging in any form of academic dishonesty to obtain any type of academic advantage or credit is an disrespect under this policy and will not be tolerated by the College.The penalty for a first academic honesty offence is a grade O on the work in which the offence occurred, and will result in a comment being placed on the transcript by the Academic Honesty Committee. The penalty for he second academic honesty offence is an F in the subject where the offence occurred, a second comment on the transcript and suspension from the College for a time period determined by the Academic Honesty Committee, normally for a minimum of three (3) semesters. For more information on Academic Honesty go to http//library. Congealers. Ca. Eight to appeal academic decisions of the College. The procedures for informal and formal appeals are outlined in Academic Policy. If a student disagrees with the evaluation of an assignment or with a final grade, s/he must first discuss the matter tit the professor in an attempt to resolve the disagreement. If the matter is not resolved, the student should discuss the problem with the Coordinator or the Chair of English and Liberal Studies. Students must keep all assignments (including drafts and outlines) and exercises until they receive their final grade.No appeal will be considered unless a complete file is submitted at the time of the appeal. Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy and Protocols See the Student Handbook. Faculty and students are reminded that College correspondence should only be disseminated electronically through official College- provided e-mail. Alternate e-mail addresses, such as Yahoo mail or Hotmail mail, are not authentically through Seneca. Copyright See the Student Handbook There are limitations to reproducing materials from texts and other copyrighted materials.Essential copyright information is uncommitted in the Student Handbook and at http//library. Congealers. Ca. Student Rights and Responsibilities See the Student Handbook Discrimination and Harassment See the Student Handbook All students and em ployees have the right to study and work in an environment that is free from discrimination and/or harassment. Language or activities that defeat this objective violate the College Policy on Discrimination/Harassment and shall not be tolerated.Information and assistance are available from the Resolution, Equity and Diversity Centre. Accommodation for Students with Disabilities The college will provide reasonable accommodation for students with disabilities in order to promote academic success. If you require accommodation, contact the Counseling and Disabilities Services Office at ext. 2900 to initiate the process for documenting, assessing and implementing your individual accommodation needs. Approved by Andrew Schmitt, Chair School of English and Liberal Studies

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Phases of Tragedy in Blood Diamond †the Movie Essay

Complete innocence describes the hero to be dignified, because of their innocence. Their pride and strength is overpowered by something they cannot control. In the plastic film Blood Diamond, Soloman walks his parole to school. Showing a typical, I deal way to show complete innocence. Also showing a perfect father/son relationship before all the rebels came. With this scene showing a father and his son sharing a joke on the way to school it is shown to be innocent fun, which is a perfect example of complete innocence at the beginning of the movie.When young and innocent people first encounter realities of adulthood it is cognize as in start out. A central character will live so the action closes with an adjustment to mature experience. In the movie when Danny was young he was brought up believing that the war was just about fighting against communism. As you can see in the movie, Danny has now discovered the conflict diamonds are the reason for the war. When Danny tries to import diamonds, and goes to see his friend at a vineyard it shows that he has learned and has mature experience.Continuing through the stages of tragedy we see a completion of an ideal. in spite of a tragic end because of the successful victory, a sense of peace is shown after the heros death because of a utmost accomplishment. Ain the final scene with Danny you see that Soloman reunited with his son. Danny knew he would die, so he made amends by calling Maddie, and giving Soloman the diamond that he worked so hard to get. flat though Danny died some peace was restored and Soloman and Maddie gave him the credit he deserved when Maddie wrote her article.Even though our hero can complete his quests, he/she has their own faults. From innocence to experience throughout stories we see our heros fault, that by the time they realize their faults it is too late to change. Danny knew that diamond smuggling was illegal and besides wrong, but he did it anyways. In the end Danny gets shot and i s in extreme pain. He only then realizes that it was all because of him contributing in the diamond smuggling. Danny did manage to recruit some loyalty when he handed Soloman the diamond and told Soloman and his son to leave him there to die, so that they could escape with the diamond together.The natural law, known as fate, also takes a toll on heroes. Overshadowing the heroes/heroines and allowing the audience to look down on the action. When Soloman was at the fence there were so many people that the chance of visual perception his family was slim to none. Fate clearly took part when he happened to see his family on the other side of the fence. Fate was showing Soloman that his family was assuage alive, so he could still try to save them.To make the audience even more sympathetic we enter a world of shock and horror. Our hero receives punishment or torture, mayhap humiliation, so deep they cannot achieve a heroic pose. At the start of the movie Solomans village was torn to piec es. Others in the village were shot or had their hands cut off. The young boys were taken to the mines. Unnecessary torture was demonstrated to his village which was truly a world of shock and horror.

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Review & Critical Thinking Essay

1. Explain the different forms of child hollo? Include Shaken Baby Syndrome in your response. *The different forms of abuse argon physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. The shaken baby syndrome is the same as physical abuse. 2. What types of physical care must a parent abide an infant child? *the physica infant parents must provide the child with diapers and the child must be fed, bathed, and taking care of. 3. What are some strategies for serve uping a child cope with stress? *According to the module a parent tail create a stable and non-violent home surround for the child. A nonher matter is that the parent can encourage the child to communicate and tell them thing that are bothering them. These are some of the strategies a parent can use to help a child with stress. Critical Thinking Questions1. What is the difference between a protective environment and a nurturing environment? *A protective environment is an environment in which the children are feels safe at home or in any place and fells that they can trust any adult in her community. A nurturing environment is when the child feels free to discover how they are. They also feel free to express themselves without fear. 2. How childrens do need change as they grow with development stages from infancy to teen years? How do special needs children differ? *As infants children are supposed to be supervised by their parents. Their parents are supposed to feed them clean them etc As a teen the child can take care of themselves and the parent must help with emotional not physical needs.3. List and explain factors a parent can control that lead to a nurturing environment. Include characteristics of nurturing parents. *A parent can spend much time with their children so that the child does not suffer from anxiety or fear in their early childhood. Another thing that a parent can do is not use alcohol or drugs. Children who are raised in a home with lots of alcohol or drugs are more likely to consume them. 4. List and explain factors thatlead to poor relationships and that increase the risk of child abuse. *One factor that can lead to child abuse is a child of parents who were abused themselves. Another one is children in homes with many difficulties at home. 5. Why is it critical for a parent to be involved in their childrens education? *Because parents should continue teaching and encouraging their children about the world so that the children would be more interested in studying.

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Argument for the Use of Consensual Relationship Agreements (Cras) Essay

Argument for the use of consensual relationship agreements (CRAs) in my current (or future) work Consensual kind Agreement (CRA) is a contract that both employees involved a romantic relationship sign to acknowledge that their relationship is voluntary and that they will abide by the policies of the company regarding anti-harassment and anti-discrimination. (Hellriegel & Slocum ,2011). Office romance should be addressed in a more constructive and professional way just like behaviors much(prenominal) as attendance, dress codes, and non-disclosure agreements.If one(a) can argue that it is perfectly acceptable for employees with personal challenges (such as death in the family, childbirth, sick family member) to receive assistance and, persist in the form of personal time-off from work then it must be reasonable for other employees who plump romantically involved to get some type of support from their employers. The risks of office romance can better be mitigated if the risk facto rs ar known and managed. So, for example, lawsuits from employees who claim they were coerced into an office romance and disadvantaged by it would be avoided because employees signed the CRAs of their own volition.Allegations from other employees of real or imagined favoritism from a supervisor to a subordinate with whom he or she is romantically involved would be averted because HR would have already taken steps to ensure this does not retrieve. By creating a mechanism which gives specific and detailed guidelines for professional workplace behavior, HR professionals argon able to educate and caution employees intimately appropriate or inappropriate workplace etiquettes. Privacy issues or lack thereof, as related to geological dating in the workplace would also be appropriately addressed with the employees involved so they cannot claim that were unfairly treated.Another compelling reason why one should argue for CRAs in their workplaces is that in light of the legal ramificatio ns of the rights of employees in the workplace, CRAs become an expedient and prudent way to protect the interest group of an organization and simultaneously provide safe and meaningful ways for employees to freely explore and express their sentiments for others who might feel the same way. Organizations spend a lot of time and resources on strategic planning and forecasting.The purpose of such planning is to position the organization to accomplish two major goals stay abreast with, or ahead of, the competitive grocery and change current processes and approaches that are not yielding desired, or expected results. These are proactive steps to assure progress and success. CRAs facilitate and enhance such strategic plans by staying ahead of a changing workplace in the modern age and ensuring that valuable human resources will not be befuddled and thereby jeopardize more important organizational goals and objectives.CRAs provide a framework for responsible behavior by employees, parti cularly, supervisors. It fosters a win-win work environment for employees who happen to be romantically involved with each other and for employers to provide guidance and direction for appropriate workplace behavioral expectations. By bringing the relationship into the clear-cut the employees involved would not feel pressure to go to swell lengths to tegument their relationship and could focus on being productive. Conversely, these employees would become pre-occupied with finding ways to hide their relationships if the company did not encourage workplace romance.Create a counter argument against the use of CRAs in your current (or future) workplace. Office romance must be forbidden in the workplace because it simply raises too many avoidable issues in the workplace. By its very nature, office romance predisposes employees involved to compromise their discerning objective behaviors because their non-objective emotional senses tend to dominate their thoughts and actions. Romantic relationships are the result of spontaneous human behavior they are not preconceived and therefore cannot be regulated or contained by contracts.Making CRAs a condition for employment is also not a grievousish idea because, over time, the restrictions become bitter and the parties involved find out that they are better off in different organizations where their actions and whereabouts will no longer be scrutinized by an assigned HR person. CRAs are tantamount to indirect employment agreement in that they indirectly impose restrictions on the individuals involved in the relationship and seek to protect the interest of the organization at the expense of the people who happen to be emotionally attracted to each other and choose to express those sentiments in an open and liberating way.CRAs simply become ineffective tools because the employees who even agree to sign them often find ways to secretly engage in behaviors that result in lapses in judgment because they are emotionally cha rged. In many respects, CRAs are intrusive and inherently designed to discourage workplace romance. By their very nature they put restrictions on a human behavior that is designed to be spontaneous and natural. Organizations are not equipped to handle issues of the heart and neither should they start now. Organizations need to focus on what they do best, increasing shareholder value and accomplishing other strategic goals and objectives.Discuss the ethical principles involved in the use of CRAs. There are many perspectives and convictions about what is, or is not ethical. However, there are no universally accepted principles and rules for resolving all ethical issues (Hellriegel & Slocum ,2011). In a country with such great freedom of expression, one can only imagine the diversity of opinions and positions regarding the factors that drive peoples decisions and formulate their ethics. The range of such factors is as wide as the differences in people and this is reflected in the diver sity of ethical principles.However, for the purposes of this paper only a handful of relevant ethics establish principles Utilitarian, Professional Standards, Disclosure and immanent principles will be considered Utilitarian principle focuses on the magnitude, extent and impact of harm versus good of decisions that are made. The final decision is predicated on the weight of good versus bad the greatest good for the greatest number (Hellriegel & Slocum , 2011). On the basis of this principle, CRAs are believed to generate more good than harm for those who choose to engage in office romance.Disclosure Principle This principle focuses on how most people in society will react to the details of a decision when it becomes cosmos knowledge. Most organizations take social responsibility very seriously and will do their very best to garner positive public image. Consequently CRAs are viewed favorably by such organizations. Distributive Principle This principle is predicated on fairness . The thrust of CRAs is a win-win arrangement for both the organization and the individual because most organizations primarily perceive CRAs to be fair. Create at least one (1) other option besides CRAs that would address workplace romances.The only other option for workplace romances that may be plausible is for the organization to develop a set of policies based on the organization interest principle which focuses on the basis of what is good for the organization (Hellriegel & Slocum , 2011). With this option, employees are expected to disclose any potential or actual conflict interest to the human resource professional within the organization. skirmish of interest covers a broad range of behaviors however, this paper will focus on personal conflict of interest which stresses zero tolerance for discrimination and intimate harassment.This alternative approach to workplace romances would requires that an employee may not supervise somebody with whom they have a close personal rel ationship such as anyone in their family, household or someone with whom they have or had a romantic relationship or other close personal relationship. Additionally, if one were to supervise someone even indirectly with whom they had one of the relationships described above, one must disclose the relationship promptly. Any acts of discrimination, sexual harassment or other harassment based on race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation would be addressed under a zero tolerance policy.

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Individualism as an American Cultural Value Essay

American culture is often associated with some images related to general stereotypes such(prenominal) as assertiveness, optimism, b h binglest-to-godness, a sense of enterprise, and a solid handshake. However, these characteristics are only general observations about the American society. Given this, the menti unityd characteristics may be present to only some Americans and cannot be attributed to everyone. But there is one pass judgment that nearly every American possesses and that is singleism. In defining the American culture, individualism is the immediate conception that comes to mind.Because of this, outsiders like immigrants, foreigners or people from different backgrounds will have a difficult time to nonplus accustomed with this kind of culture. In fact, in the early period, outsiders found it intemperate to align to the American value of individualism because of the differences in cultural values. The idea of a family often poses as the source for confusion or misund erstanding between cultures. In the US, bringing happiness to every family member is the main purpose of having a family. This can be carried out by giving each family member the right to express themselves and result their dreams and passions in life.However for other cultures, the emphasis on the achievement of an individuals happiness without the overhaul of the others may be perceived as rude or inappropriate. It could be a singularity of offense or lack of love. But for galore(postnominal) Americans, it is simply just an act of encouragement for a somebody to reach his or her utmost potential. For instance, a typical American would usu totallyy start to live individually after highs cool by leaving to college and living in campus dormitories. Also, Sponsol had a similar experience when he attended a summer camp for the East-West Center participants.One of the supervisors brought his wife and kids. The ten month old son of the supervisor acquired the most attention because of his cuteness so everyone wanted to play. During this interaction, the kid fell tweak and everyone tried to help him get up. But the parents became and asked the students to leave the kid alone who eventually got up on his own and stopped crying ( Sponsol 423). Moreover, privacy is definitely another aspect that an outsider would see to it grotesque in the American culture. Majority of the American population value their privacy.It has been observed that most Americans just conjecture hello and seldom pursue a conversation with other people. For outsiders, this can be a sign of being impolite particularly for those who grew in a setting wherein asking closed-door questions are accepted. Because of this, many find it hard to be friends with Americans. Sponsol explained that in the book, Americans do not like to be asked in with private questions or pried on their personal affairs. For instance, asking questions like, How long have you been divorced? Or Are you going to marry a Thai again or American?Or How much do you piss? or How long have you been married? , can be recognized as an invasion of ones privacy (421). A lot of people could experience having cultural shock when they visit the US for the very first time. As a result, it would be difficult for them to get used to the American culture. there are many reasons why this happens but cultural background plays a major role in drawing the line between the Americans and outsiders. Some may have a privileged life in their home lands but when they migrated to the US, they had to work in order to sustain their daily living.Furthermore, in the US culture, an individual has to be independent and hardworking to earn money in order to pay for the bills and other necessities such as food, home and education. In other cultures, some individuals do not have to work in order to survive because their parents are the ones taking care of their finances. It is very hard for an outsider to adapt and engulf the Am erican Culture. In the experience of Hanan Al-Shaykh, a Lebanese, she was filled with shock when she visited her sister in the US. Their family was accustomed to the best life in Lebanon but in the US, her sister lived a minimum wage earned.She felt disturbing for the living condition of her sister in the Land of Milk and Honey. Her sister even found it hard to get a job in the US even though she has a good educational background (Hanan 287). As a foreigner, I also experienced some difficult times in getting immersed and accustomed with American society and culture. In Saudi Arabia, my life was easier. In my native land, addiction to others is a common practice. For instance, my family employed helpers to take care of all our needs at home. Their duties mainly evolved on domestic chores such as cleaning clothes, cooking food and many others.Because of this, easy and carefree lifestyle, I had trouble adapting to the American culture when I moved there. I had to learn to look after myself wherein all the duties of our helpers back home, I had to them on my own in the US. Finally, because of the cultural values of the Americans, an outsider will find it hard or at least will need a longer time to adapt to theses values. Besides the assertiveness, optimism, boldness, a sense of enterprise, and a solid handshake, individualism will always be a crucial value of the Americans that will aid in developing and achieving their dreams and passion.

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Mecca Silk Conditioner a Research Paper

Abstract Generally, the instruct wanted to make a homemade conditi sensationr from eggyolk, flour, malunggay oil extract, cucumber juice and calamansi juice and Shall be called MECCA Silk Conditioner. Specifically, it tries to set ab tabu out if oregano leaves eggyolk, flour, malunggay oil extract, cucumber juice and calamansi juice be made into a conditioner. Among the treatments, which one are the best proportion for the homemade conditioner and if there is a difference between the impudently produced MECCA Silk Conditioner and the commercialized one in terms of smell, appearance and shining effect.The materials were gathered and prepared. Cucumber was peeled, cut and pounded to get its 20 ml. juice. Calamansi fruit was also cut and squeezed to extract the 20 ml. juice. Twenty ml. detergents were measured. Three grams of Malunggay Leaves was boiled in 50 ml. vegetable oil. The beaker was covered and removed only when boiling starts. It was boiled for 3 legal proceeding. It w as then cooled for 5 minutes and strained in clean containers. Thirty ml. water was poured in a 100 ml. flour and aflame until well- blended.Two medium-sized egg yolk were beaten until sticky. Measured Malunggay oil, detergents, cucumber and calamansi juice were added little by little and moved(p) continuously. The mixture was added to the flour and mixed thoroughly until it looks whipped. Poured in a clean container, label its name, use and endpoint date. The contents of the chosen ingredients which are carefully studied by the researchers and the positive effects to the respondents made the newly produced product to be an alternative conditioner for the commercial one.Aside from the availability of materials in the environment, it is also easy to prepare. Treatment B, came out to the best proportion for the produced deodorant as a result of the series of experimentation and through the masking and evaluation of the five respondents. MECCA Silk Conditioner appeared to have shin ing effect, smooth and manageable in appearance . It last for a day therefore it is acceptable and comparable to the commercial one. IV. Research Plan a) Materials and Methods

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Divorce Bill Essay

Underpinning this proposal is a commitment to the policy of the State to protect and strengthen uniting and the family as basic social institutions, to nurse the dignity of every hu human race person, to guarantee full respect for human rights, and to ensure the fundamental comparability before the law of women and men. In the Filipino culture, sexual union is regarded as a sacred union, and the family founded on marriage is considered as a fount of love, protection and c be. Filipino society gener on the wholey frowns upon and discourages marital break-ups and so provides pagan and heavy safeguards to perserve marital relations.Cultural prescriptions and ghostlike norms keep many couples to add upher despite the dislocation of the marriage. al single the heathenish prescriptions for women and men resist. Women atomic number 18 traditionally regarded as primarily responsible for making the marriage blend in and atomic number 18 expected to sacrifice everything to pres erve the marriage and the solidarity of the family. While absolute fidelity is demanded of wives, men are granted sexual license to nourish affairs outside marriage. Yet when the marriage fails, the woman is charge for its failure.Reality tells us that there are many failed, unhappy marriages across all Filipino classes. some couples especially from the marginalized sectors, who have no access to the courts, simply end up separating without the benefit of legal processes. The cut deem of orisons that have been filed since 1988 for the declaration of the nullity of the marriage under Article 36 of the Family Code (commonly know as annulment) shows that there are just too many couples who are desperate to get out of failed marriages.Even when couples start out well in their marriage, political, economicalal and social realities take their bell on their relationship. Some are non prepared to handle the intricacies of the married life. For a large number of women, the inequalit ies and madness in marriage negate its ideals as the embodiment of love, care and safety and erode the bases upon which a marriage is founded. The marital relations facilitate the commission of violence and perpetuate their oppression. Official figures in 2009 showed that 19 women were victims of marital violence everyday.Among the different forms of violence and abuse against women committed in 2009, wife battery ranked highest at 6,783 or 72% according to the Philippine National Police (PNP). The Department of Social offbeat and Development (DSWD) likewise recorded marital violence as highest among different forms of violence against owmen at 1,933. antecedent reports of the PNP about three of ten perpetrators of violence against women were husbands of the victims. Husbands accounted for 28 percent of the violence against women crimes.Given these realities, couples must have the option to avail of remedies that willing pave the way for the attainment of their full human devel opment and self-realisation and the protection of their human rights. Existing laws are not enough to guarantee and protect these rights. To quote the Womens Legal Bureau, Inc. , a legal resource NGO for women The present laws relating to separation of couples and termination of marriage are inadequate to respond to the myriad causes of failed marriages. Particularly, the remedies of declaration of nullity and annulment do not cover the problems that materialise during the existence of marriage.Legal separation, on the other hand, while covering problems during marriage, does not retch an end to marriage. though both divorce and a declaration of nullity of a marriage al low-pitched the spouses to remarry, the two remedies differ in purpose and basis. A declaration of nullity presupposes that the marriage is sound from the beginning and the court declares its non-existence beyond the ground specified in the law, declaration of nullity is not possible. In annulment, the marriag e of the parties is declared defective from the beginning, albeit it is considered valid until annulled.The defect can be used to nullify the marriage within a specified distributor point but the alike may be ignored and the marriage becomes perfectly valid after the reverse of that period, or the defect may be cured by dint of some act. The defect relates to the time of the exultation of the marriage and has nothing to do with circumstances occurring after the marriage is celebrated. In annulment, the marriage is legally cancelled, and the man and woman are restored to their single status. Since portentous 3, 1988, couples have been given a way out of failed marriages through and through Article 36 of the Family CodeThe remedy provides under Article 36 is declaration of nullity of the marriage.The bind voids a marriage where one party is psychologically incapacitated to comply with the essentials of marital obligations. Consistent with the concept of void marriages (where t he remedy is declaration of nullity), the law requires that the incapacity must have existed at the time of the exultation of the marriage In practice, Article 36 has become a form of divorce, as valid marriages are declared void every day in the guise of psychological incapacity. The innumerable Article 36 cases brought to trial courts is an indication of the e extremeicity of Article 36 to accommodate the needs of many couples desiring to terminate their marriages. It is certainty that divorce is needed in the Philippines. Article 36 provides a remedy only for spouses who can enkindle psychological incapacity. The concept certainly cannot accommodate all cases where divorce would be necessary. What we need is a divorce law that defines clearly and unequivocally the grounds and terms for terminating a marriage.That law will put an end to the creative efforts played daily in courtrooms across the country to accommodate a immense range of cases in order to prove psychological inca pacity. (Womens Legal Bureau, Inc. , The Relevance of Divorce in the Philippines, 1998) Thus, the step attempts to bring out divorce as another option for couples in failed and irreparable marriages. The circular was crafted in consultation with women lawyers and inspired by the studies and inputs of various womens groups and the experiences of spouses gathered by GABRIELA from its various chapters nationwide.The bill seeks to introduce divorce in Philippine law with a strong sense of confidence that it will be used responsibly by Filipino couples. This confidence stems from the experiences of Filipino families that show that separation is usually the last resort of many Filipino couples whose marriage has failed. Cases of battered women also support this. Battered women invariably seek separation only after many years of tring to make the marriage work. Separation only becomes tyrannical for them when they realize that it is necessary for their and their childrens survival.Di vorce could actually provide protection to battered women and their children from further violence and abuse. With the predominance of the Catholic faith in the Philippines, the fear that divorce will erode personal value on marriage appears unfounded. The experience of Italy, where the Vatican is located, and Spain, two predominantly Catholic countries which practice divorce, supports this. Those countries have a low rate of divorce. Italy registers a 7% rate while Spain registers 15%.The figures reflect the strong influence of religious beliefs and culture on individuals in deciding to terminate marital relations. Historically, divorce had been part of our legal system. In the beginning of the 16th century, before the Spanish colonial rule, absolute divorce was widely practiced among genetic tribes such as the Tagbanwas of Palawan, the Gadangs of Nueva Vizcaya, the Sagadans and Igorots of the Cordilleras, and the Manobos, Blaans and Moslems of the Visayas and Mindanao islands.Div orce was also available during the American period, starting from 1917 (under Act nary(prenominal) 710 enacted by the Philippine Legislature), and during the Japanese occupation (under Executive Order No. 141) and after, until 1950. It was only on August 30, 1950, when the New Civil Code took effect, that divorce was disallowed under Philippine law. Only legal separation was available. The same rule was adopted by the Family Code of 1988, which replaced the provisions of the New Civil Code on marriage and the family, although the Family Code introduced the concept of psychological incapacity as a basis for declaring the marriage void.In credit of the history of divorce in the Philippines, the farmers of the 1987 Philippine Constitution left the wisdom of legalizing divorce to the Congress. Thus, the 1987 Constitution does not prohibit the legalization of divorce. This bill is respectful of and sensitive to differing religious beliefs in the Philippines. It recognizes that the plura lity of religious beliefs and cultural sensibilities in the Philippines demand that different remedies for failed marriages should be made available.For this reason, the bill retains the existing remedies of legal separation, declaring of nullity of the marriage and annulment and only adds divorce as one more remedy. Couples may choose from these remedies depending on their situation, religious beliefs, cultural sensibilities, needs and emotional state. While divorce under this proposed measure severs the bonds of marriage, divorce as a remedy need not be fo the purpose of re-marriage it may be resorted to by individuals to touch peace of mind and facilitate their pursuit of full human development.This bill also seeks to make Philippine law consistent in the way it treats religious beliefs with respect to termination of marriage. Philippine law through the Code of Muslim Personal Laws of the Philippines (Presidential Decree No. 1083 1977) allows divorce among Filipino Muslims, in de ference to the Islamic faith which recognizes divorce. Non-Muslim Filipinos should have the same option under Philippine law, in accordance with their religious beliefs. The bill proposes five grounds for divorce.All the five grounds are premised on the irreparable breakdown of the marriage and the total non-performance of marital obligations. Thus, the bill provides that a petition for divorce may be filed when the petitioner has been free de facto (in fact) from his or her spouse for at least(prenominal) five years at the time of the filing of the petition and reconciliation is highly improbable, or when the petitioner has been legally separated from his or her spouse for at least two years at the time of the filing of the petition and reconciliation is highly improbable.Not all circumstances and situations that cause the total breakdown of a marriage could be defined in this proposed measure. Thus, the bill also provides that divorce may be granted when the spouses suffer from irreconcilable differences that have caused the irreparable breakdown of the marriage. Spouses living in a state of irreparable marital conflict or discord should be given the opportunity to present their marital contrarieties in court and have those differences adjudged as constituting a square ground to put an end to the marriage.Another ground for divorce included in the bill is when one or both spouses are psychologically incapacitated to comply with the essential marital obligations. This provision will consequently repeal Article 36 of the Family Code. The bill seeks to include psychological incapacity in the grounds for divorce in the belief that the concept is consistent with the termination of marital ties rather than with a void marriage. This bill seeks to eliminate condonation of the act and consent to the act as grounds for denying a petition for legal separation and, by extension, a petition for divorce.Many spouses especially women ignore the offense because of the social and economic conditions they are in. Many women in the marginalized sectors tend to condone the offense because they are economically dependent on their spouses or because of the stigma attached to failed marriages. Some women who are perceived to be condoning the acts of their husbands actually suffer from the calendar method of spousal abuse such that they have become so disempowered to address their situation.

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Christian love

Christianity is often associated with several key concepts, two of which be have it away and legal expert. However, it is crucial to correct these two terms to arrive at a clearer understanding. This paper proves to discuss the Christian view of applaud and nicety.What is savour? More importantly, what is Christian deal? What are the characteristics of Christian savor? Paul B. Henry enumerates the characteristics.One, love is voluntarily extend ton.1 It is non nipd, or de gayded. Christian love is all about entrustingness to give and share. One rumpnot seek love it place only be received if it is willingly delivered. It cannot be called love if it is by force or manipulation. One should not be compelled to submit. warmth is only love when it is willingly given it cannot be derived any early(a) way. Suppose a woman is engaged to be married to a man her parents chose for her. She does not love this person, but she will marry him. The marriage whitethorn demand her to love her husband, and she might. However, this is not real love. Real love is not demanded or demanding. It is always willing.Second, love is personally mediated.2 Christian love is personal. There is no such thing as loving impersonally. Since love is voluntary, it follows that is also personal. It is simply because when virtuoso willingly gives something, it automatically denotes a personal decision. Say for example, a college student decides to give a fellow a gift, even when there is no occasion.The gift comes from the willingness to give, and the act of giving is personal decision. This person distinguishable to give a present out of her own free will. In turn, the choice of the gift is personal as well. Love is personal insofar as it exhibits the exercise of ones free will.Third, love always entails sacrifice. One wants give up something for the welfare of another. Suppose a mother has enough currency to purchase a new pair of shoe to replace her old, worn pair. At the las t minute, however, her squirt gather ups something for a class project. The mother will then postpone the purchase of the shoes to give way to her daughter. Because there is no extra money, the mother will put the childs need first. That is sacrifice.Lastly, love is beyond ordinary moral obligation.3 To begin with, it is not an obligation. If one is feels the need to fulfill an obligation, it is not voluntary. It is not personal, either. It is because there will be an external factor that will burden to oblige.Now that the primary(prenominal) characteristics of love have been discussed, justice should also be elucidated. What characterizes Christian justice?First, justice should apply to all. It is universal, arrant(a) and objective.4 Since immortal is the Supreme Being that reigns through all the creatures of the earth, justice should also cover everything that God createdSecond, justice should also be contained within a specific social structure5. Gods creations are diverse, and the mickle themselves are diverse. If justice was constructed as such that it was to a fault general, it would not appeal to the specific attributes. Justice may be universal but it is not general.Third, justice provides methods and guidelines that when followed, it will further the premises of justice6. Take humankind rights, for example. If human rights are honored, people will be respected and treated as individuals, and when human beings are treated as human beings, there is justice.Fourth, justice is objective and stands apart from human intervention. The rules of justice will not be bent because of human volition. It can stand alone, and must be applied to all. subjectivity can only cause injustice. As was earlier mentioned, justice is universal yet specific.The characteristics of love and justice have been dealt with, and the focus is now on both concepts. How are love and justice relate? behind they exist together? How does love and justice differ? How are they si milar?According to Henry, love and justice cannot stand juxtaposed.7 It is because love may transcend the very concept of justice, but it cannot be sustained with something little that justice. Both concepts are related but the relationship between the two cannot be called pit. It is not equal because the premises of one concept may exceed or fall short of the other.For example, justice can exert supply to achieve its desired effect, but love cannot do the same. As was earlier discussed, love must be voluntary. It cannot demand results. It must not resort to force to establish its ends. On the other hand, justice exerts power to maintain its characteristics. For one, for justice to subsist in a specific social order, power must be applied.David Tracy also points out a dependency between love and justice. Justice needfully love in the sense that it must not be abusive of its power. The two concepts should co-exist in a way that both can manifest their differences but at the same time, highlight their similarities. Tracy writes Love should put all Christians to struggle for the self-affirmation intrinsic to the struggle for justice8Here in this statement, he describes that love can fulfill its end, an end that is needed in the fulfillment of justice. He also states that love should always turn over justice, because without it, it can be overtly sentimental.9 Moreover, justice should also be with love because it might be too preoccupied with power. It might be self-righteous.10Love and justice are indeed two important and related key concepts of Christianity. Love is willing, it is deeply personal, it entails self-sacrifice and it is beyond an obligation. When one says God is Love, these characteristics come to mind. Gods love is willing He does not demand love from His people. He wants His people to love Him willingly. disrespect the number of people He created, His love for each and every one is personal. He sacrificed His own word of honor to save the p eople from sin. Lastly, He loves not out of obligation He loves because He wants to. In addition, God is universal and eternal, and His terms of justice are objective. These two concepts come from God, and these concepts describe Him too. This is the Christian view of love and justice.BibliographyHenry, Paul. Love, violence and Justice, Christian Century (1977) 1088.Tracy, David. God is Love The Central Christian Metaphor, The LivingPulpit 1, no.3 (1992) 10.1Paul B. Henry, Love, Power and Justice, Christian Century (1977) 1088.2 Ibid. 3 Ibid. 4 Ibid. 5 Ibid. 6 Ibid. 7 Ibid. 8 David Tracy, God is Love The Central Christian Metaphor, The Living Pulpit 1,no. 3 (1992)10. 9 Ibid. 10 Ibid.

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Bank of America case analysis Essay

Problem statementThe primary(prenominal) problem in this case is that whether wedge of America add the complicate app and add more than sensitive features or not. If they add the new complexity application, it could cost lot of money, and it could also springiness their users some shun effect. Like the case described it is unclear if users were ready to sign up for mortgages or credit card game on their mobile phones. BofA concerns about how the mobile banking affect their customers. Because behavioral factor is very important that do people to accept the new things reluctantly or not. From the market survey we know that thither atomic number 18 three main reasons that people not to use the mobile banking concerns of security, cost of data, less value. So if bank of America want to add their new app or add more futures, they should cope with those three factors at first.RecommendationI think bank of America should add new apps, because they can get advance about their custom er loyalty and satisfaction, and they can gain more market share form this way. If they didnt build it, maybe they will behind that of other banks. Another reason is that with the development of the communication technology, there will be have full of the customers have their smartphone rather than the regular phones, so it can give bank of America more confidence to add app for smartphone customers. One of the most reasons for people not apply mobile banking is the security concern. So how to improve security on peoples mobile gismos has bring to pass a very important thing. They can make an external device for their mobile banking. The external device can insert into the headphone jack on smartphone. After the connection, customer should slide their card, and then clay will be prompted to enter some personal authentication information, and then will send a message for their smartphone to get the verification code before use the mobile banking to do their account activities. n ode can get this external device for free if they open an account at bank of America. nevertheless if they lost it they should pay it for $30 to get another. This external device can make sure that customers fathert have to worry about security issues. With this security problem solved, BofA will gain more customers and more market shares.

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Ethics and Financial Crisis of 2008 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Ethics and fiscal Crisis of 2008 - Essay ExampleThe instruments used to create debt in the economy were subprime mortgages. These mortgages were given to people who do non have got collateral for their borrowing and were given without banks surveying their sources of income. They were given on the basis of credit score. Hence, in suit these people go bankrupt, banks had no avenue to recover their investments. Since, the Financial strategy in the USA is non independent this created a domino effect situation. When the largest investment bank in the universe Lehmann Br other(a)s collapsed, many other institutions in the US started feeling the pressure. Many had to write off their investments in Lehmann Brothers and they started to crumble. In order to assess why this happened, a study of risky and unethical instruments that were prevalent in the US Financial System at that time is needed. (NY, 2009) Credit Default Swaps are one of the most risky instruments that were common in the United States of Americas financial system antecedent to the 2008 financial crises. This instrument was used by lending companies to hedge their investment against credit risk. If one party need loan, the lender usu ally asked an insurance company to hedge their loan in the case of credit event against a periodic fee. This looked genuinely bright and it was considered that it was going to increase the level of investments in the economy. For example, if A needs a loan and have a credit rating of B+. B lends loans and lends only to companies with a credit rating of AAA. The three party C with a credit rating of AAA testament tell B that it get out insure A against a periodic payment. Suppose A agrees and lend $2 Billion to A. It is withal important to assume that insurance companies have limited assets. Suppose C has assets worth $3 Billion. It understructure be assumed that in case of bankruptcy of A, B can recover his investment with C. This looked fine, but what started happening was that companies like started insuring the loans that were as big as 10 times of their assets. Now in case credit event occurs, then they were unable to repay the lender. That was only a speculation that borrowers wont default on loans. However, if loans that were more than the assets held by C default, then there is no expressive style C can pay A. This would lead to a collapse. Not only A and C will collapse, but A will also go down due to blue level of non-performing loans. Similarly, all the debtors of A will also lose their money and domino effect will be created. This is what happened prior to the crises started. The instruments were so risky, that they lead to the fall of the whole Financial System of the United States of America. The reason of failure of these instruments was the high systematic risk that was present in this type of securities. Since, it is impossible to diversify this risk, there was no mode that the insurance companies could predict which co mpanies would do well and which would fall down. Since, these instruments could not be diversified it lead a collapse of the whole financial system of the United States of America. (Money Monitoring, 2011). MBS or Mortgage Backed Securities were another heart term used in the era prior to the 2008 financial crises. Mortgages were given on the premise that the piazza prices have been rising in the economy. So even if the

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How Does One Create a Positive Organizational Culture Essay

How Does One Create a cocksure organisational Culture - Essay ExamplePositive gloss has the likely of enhancing and improving the performance of given(p) organization. It is mandatory for any visionary leader of given organization to identify and promote positive principles and conduct. Organizational leaders bear the greatest responsibility of determining the course of culture in their respective organizations. leadership are the ones to identify, set, operate and promote the good cultures to guide the operations of an organization in a large time. In order to create and promote the positive organizational cultures, leaders need to be localise to make sacrifices and delegate some of their duties to their subordinates. They also need to think broadly and make elaborate consultations to suspend mistakes in making choice of particular organizational cultures. Creation and promotion of positive organizational culture does not happen ones nor in easy way, but relies on various pr ocesses of learning and adoption passim the life of an organization. One of the critical stages in the running of an organization which is capable of shaping organizations culture is recruitment (Burg & Mann, 2008, p. 7). Effective and well decided recruitment process is one of the tools that can inspection and repair leaders to arrest positive organizational culture. To achieve this, leaders occupy to employ employees found on their individuals moral excellences and qualification. This aspect will ensure recruitment of highly productive workers who work extra hard to ensure conformity and promotion of the organizations culture and goals.... hat recruitment based on merit has the invaluable advantage of producing highly disciplined and respectful workers who are ready to engage in group work for the prosperity of the organization as opposed to self gain. More impressing about merit based recruitment ensures that selected workforce exhibit high levels of knowhow in their parti cular fields and may have suspend capability to enhance innovation and creativity in the production processes. Creative and innovative production processes have the potential of fostering high job output that will automatically increase the profit margins of an organization. As indicated by Burg and Mann (2008, p. 10), employee orientation is another tool capable of fostering a positive culture when sedulous by organizational leaders. Employee orientation involves informing the risingly recruited employees the code of conduct, rules and regulations governing the given organization and to which any employee must subscribe. To achieve this, organizational leaders have to introduce new employees to the existing ones to familiarize employees with for each one other and build confidence of interaction in the new recruits. This will help new employees to line up quickly by learning prescribed organizational practices from the older employees (Flatt & Kowalczyk, 2008, p. 30). Dilley and Kleiner (1996, p. 5) do confirm that orientation has the potential of encouraging the spirit of consultation among the individual employees on misunderstood and challenging issues. Employee orientation in the new institution should also involve issuing of booklets exemplifying the accepted codes of conduct. Embedding posters depicting policies and procedures on the walls and notice boards in a given organization is one way of orientating employees to the cultures of

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Buddhism And The Reductionist Approach Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 11250 words

Buddhism And The Reductionist Approach - Essay ExampleIn the context of religion, Eliade saw religion as an entity that is autonomous and special, that it cannot be reduced mainly to the spheres of the social, economic and psychological spheres. Based upon his approach to everything that is sacred, Eliade has stated that on that points something special and unique about the religious experience. The religious ritual of Perahera is a ceremonial religious experience. It is one of the biggest Buddhist celebrations of the year and it is a ritual where devotees get together and pray for the rains to fall plenteously so that they provide be able to cultivate their crops. It is a ceremony that is no more than a grand expose, wherein the sacred tooth, which is one of the most precious and sacred relics of Buddhism, is removed from the Temple of the Tooth and is paraded through the streets of the various(a) cities of Sri Lanka, along with the Kandy Perahera. Following the Kandy perahera are several other festive events and included among the crowds who are following the Kandy perahera will also be jugglers, dancers, and fire breathers. It is an experience that is profoundly moving for most of the devotees who follow in the parade and they express their devotion and religious solidarity by following the Kandy Perahera.Pirith chanting is also an essential lot of the Buddhist religious dharma. Music is believed to be closely related to physical health so that the chanting of pirith is believed to pack a very soothing effect. Chanting of the pirith is also believed to invoke the blessings of the gods. Thus, it may be noted that at that place are very strong spiritual and religious connotations associated with both of these religious ceremonies, which are an essential part of Buddhism.

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Summary And Discussions Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Summary And Discussions - Dissertation ExampleThis research was able to focus on the poverty and how it plays a role in facilitating domesticated violence amongst the Hispanic community. In overture up with the facts, the researcher was able to find out that poverty increases the stress level of the Hispanic people, hence make them vulnerable to committing violence against their family members. Furthermore, the poor amongst the Hispanic community is approximately 26%. Furthermore, from the results of the surveys, violence occurs in 50% of the homes of the Hispanics. From this research, the researcher was able to find that it is the poor families amongst the Hispanic community that are vulnerable to poverty. This is because to high-stress level caused by poverty, and inadequate education. On this basis, this research was able to answer the research question and meet its objectives. The significance of this finding is that poverty is the root cause of domestic violence amongst the Hispanic community, and there is a need of coming up with policies and measures of tackling poverty amongst this group of people. Furthermore, this work is important because it gives out the ways in which poverty causes domestic violence amongst the Hispanics. Furthermore, it identifies the most vulnerable group to this violence. From this research, they are the most vulnerable group to domestic violence. In this research, by answering the five sub-questions, the researcher was able to defend the assertions that poverty plays a role in promoting domestic violence amongst the Hispanics.

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Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 7

Writing - Essay Examplefor this constitute of unemployment could be due to contraction of besides many workers who have skills that atomic number 18 not in high demand within the market and need the skills that are highly required.In simple words, Marcelles unemployment cocktail dress occurred as a result of a mismatch in the skills of the workers versus their employers needs. The unemployment case is a significant problem since it tends to be largely of the semipermanent variety. Retaining unnecessary workers within an organization is not an easy or cheap task. Another good sample of a similar case that causes structural unemployment is the UK motor vehicle production company. Over the last 20 years, the company has declined while a similar company in the Far East has doubled up its production. The situation has created structurally unemployed workers who are at times entitled to unemployment benefits. You probably qualify for the unemployment benefits if your employer lays yo u come to your responsibilities due to lack of work.Dominics case can be classified as frictional unemployment. It comes as a result of him moving between different locations (Tucker 170). Apart from moving to a new location, this form of unemployment could occur when a worker loses their job before they find a new unmatched. For this case, one essential look around for a job that suits their specialization, and this could take up considerable time. During the job search period, one is considered unemployed. Some states take time to make decisions concerning the eligibility of such cases to qualify for unemployment benefits. But, most workers who voluntarily quit their job, are fired, on leave or rather suspended by their employer are subject to such benefits.Francine case is described as seasonal unemployment. For this case, unemployment is higher during certain periods and lower on other occasions (Tucker 176). It occurs during recessions, peculiarly whenever the demand for th e goods and services within an economy falls. Most companies respond to

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Midterm report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Midterm report - Essay ExampleThe most important in the control is the topics it addresses it is anthology of life in the USA because it traces local understanding of basic human values and needs people face in their rifles.Each invoice in the book is an independent essay with developed story line and its characters. Out of all the stories, Im JumpingOffthe Bridge by Kevin Sampsell is very special. Narrated in the outgrowth person, it tells a story of a man who convinces other man not to commit suicide. The savior, however, is trapped by suicidal thoughts and he has to survive a night fighting with his inner controversies to make the decision to live or not to live. The other story, Confessions of an Ex-Mormon by Walter Kirn addresses the issue of religion and belief. It follows the narrator on his way from and cover to Mormonism, showing how difficult it jakes be to find belief inside ones heart. In His Last Game, Brian Doyle manages to render invisible connection between two brothers who are already grown up, entirely they keep their inner children alive thanks to each other. Other stories, also written in the prototypic person, deal with economics, politics, relationships, inner struggles, desire to live, state of mind and many other vital things people can find interesting in literature.This collection of essays reflects current values of people in America. If one wants to choose a glimpse in American culture and identity, these stories in their concentration comprehensively represent this hide knowledge. They are not too philosophical or sophisticated most of them are written in terms of ordinary daily life with the same ordinary problems. These stories do not offer solutions to global issues of greater gaps between the rich and poor or cure for lethal diseases. They offer a accented look, a new point of view and ideas to think about in the future. They teach people to appraise what they have here and now and love their closest people. They sh ow that

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Universalization of Christianity Through Repetition and Essay

Universalization of Christianity by means of Repetition and Differentiation in Sandro Boticellis Primavera - Essay ExampleOver their heads hang many oranges, and at the feet of the political party is a field of various flowers, every last(predicate) of different colors and shapes. One of the most immediate baronial aspects of this work is the obvious well balanced and symmetrical repeating of many different colors, make fors and lines, which, when combined with the Christian implication of several of the symbols of the work, establish a universalizing image of Christianity. The repetition in this work begins with the plants that grow preceding(prenominal) and below the main scene. The trees are dotted with oranges, bright colored fruit that create a star-like mannequin over the roof of the party, which is mirrored by the flowers on the floor. These sprinkling of bright colors recall the orbit of the universe and the night sky, and begin creating the idea of this as a unive rsal representation. Following the lines of these fruit trees bottom of the inning the party of figures draws the viewers attention to the ground, which is likewise full of star-like clusters. These clusters are made of flowers, which, while homogenous at a distance and in creating the effect of repetition, are in fact extraordinarily varied. Each of the flowers is bright colored, reinforcing the star-like pattern caused by the oranges hanging overhead, but when examined closer it becomes apparent that each has its own particular form and color, and is not like any of the others. This further reinforces that the mental picture expresses the whole of creation, both(prenominal) in its expanse, through the repetition of bright, star like patterns, and through the specific, with a huge amount of individual flair still being represented in the homogenous whole. The setting of this painting, through its repetition of bright colors, recalls the whole of creation. The balance wheel of both the horizontal and the vertical axis also serve this purpose, allowing the viewer to imagine that the expanse continues on all sides in a similarly diverse but congruent way. This repetition is carried through the figures in the painting as well, with Venus fortune as the central axis over which the repetition is made. There is repetition in color, with figures on both the left and the right of Venus, as well as the red of quicksilvers tunic being mirrored in Venuss. Finally, there is a compositional symmetry in the sole adult male figures, Zephyrus and Mercury, both being on the outside of the painting serving as the boundary of the image. The purpose of all of this repetition of is to create a universalizing effect, but what, if anything, is Botticelli trying to extrapolate? To understand this it is important to look at the symbolism of the painting. The Putto over Venuss head serves as a dual symbol it is both a Christian symbol with associations of heaven (in having inn ocence, angelic travel etc), while also being a common Roman motif. Venus serves a similar recur role she is obviously the Roman goddess of romance and birth, but here she also serve as a stand-in for bloody shame. The leaf patterns and archway over her head both serve to draw attention to her and create a halo effect, mirroring the kind of halo that Mary is often depicted with, while her pregnant-looking belly recalls the birth, something else Mary is frequently associated with. Her hand seems to be raised in benediction. Her white dress symbolizes innocence, while the red suppress hanging over her lower half

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Soda tax in the US Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Soda evaluate in the US - Essay ExampleStatistics show that more than one third or 35.7% of adults in the US are obese and suffer from obesity-related conditions such as diabetes and coronary diseases. Obesity prevalence varies crosswise different states whereby, in 2002, all states had a prevalence of more than 20% with the prevalence ranging from 34.7% in lah to 20.5% in Colorado. Furthermore, the federals annual medical expense of obesity as of 2008 was $ 147 billion dollars (CDC, 2013). Prompted by the rise in obesity in the country, different seekers have hypothesizes different causes and suggested solutions aimed at mitigating the harmful companionable and economic effects of obesity. The soda app turn out is one such suggestion however, not all control on the possible benefits likely to result from the taxation of bonkers drinks. Whether or not adopting the soda tax in the US proves sufficient in reducing the obesity rate in the country dust a controversial issue for those for and against the tax policy. Proponents for the tax base their argument on credible research findings, which indicate that onerous cushioned drinks reduces high caloric intake minimizing an individuals probability of growth obesity. First introduced as an abstract idea by the Director of Rudd Center for Food policy and Obesity (RCFPO) Kelly D. Brownell in 1994, the soda tax aimed to improve public health while simultaneously raise revenue in the US economy. Later studies done in Yale University by the RCFPO in 2011 indicated that a penny-per-ounce charge on leisurely drinks would function to reduce consumption by 13%, which resulted in the elimination of 8,000 calories from a regular, Americans diet annually.... inancial implication of obesity as a reason for taxing fleecy drinks, which numerous researchers have hypothesized as one of the leading causes of obesity in the US. Revenue generated from taxing round the bend drinks proves beneficial for the federal and s tate governments whereby, governmental officials can use the funds to offset financial deficits in the budget. A survey done by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services in 2012 indicated that taxing soft drinks would generate revenue of $ 14.9 billion dollars within the first fiscal year alone (Fletcher et al, 2010). Conversely, those against the tax policy sight poor invigorationstyle habits such as living a sedentary life and poor nutrition (high cholesterol diet) as major causes of obesity, which if not addressed would render taxing soft drinks inefficient in minimizing the obesity rate within the country. Research done by Fletcher and colleagues in 2009 aimed at examining the impact of fluctuating soda tax in different states on body mass indication (BMI) revealed that soft drinks consumption accounted for 7% of total energy intake. They concluded that if taxed at the average taxation rate of tobacco (58%) the mean BMI of the US population would only decrease by 0.16 po ints reducing obesity in the population by 0.7% (Fletcher et al, 2010). This showed that soft drink taxes influence on BMI is minimal and does little to decrease obesity in the population. Furthermore, those against this policy are of the opinion that taxation of soft drinks does not limit their accessibility because many are willing to spend more money for their preferred luxury items such as soft drinks. In conclusion, it is apparent that both the public and the government stand to benefit from the soda tax. Taxing soft drinks generates revenue for the government,