Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Three Marvins :: GCSE Business Marketing Coursework

The Three MarvinsMarvin LoweryI think the main things you have to look at in this case are is Marvin a danger to himself, is he a danger to others in the workplace, what can you as a supervisor do to help the situation? It was stated in the brief that he has caused and accident due to carelessness. I think this proves that he is both a danger to himself and others. There is in any case the added touch of suicide. I think the best show up would be to talk to human resources about the types of counseling is available. You should also look into community groups that provide help for this specific type of situation. There are also religious organizations that help with bereavement, if applicable. When you have appropriate counselors and community services line up, I would and so sit down with Mr. Lowery and discuss the situation. I would try to make in on the fact that you are concerned for Marvin. You know he is a good employee and you do not want to lose him. I would t hen present him with some options on counseling. Make him aware of the fact that if he needs more time, that leave without pay is available. I would then reiterate your concern for his well being and that of his coworkers. Let him know that for any help he needs, that you are there for him. Your first concern is for his welfare.Marvin FletcherI would set up a time to talk with Marvin. I would start off by stating the fact that he is a valued employee. You understand the difficulty he may be having with his children, because both he and his spouse works. I would then let him know that you cannot continuously adjust his schedule to accommodate this. If this is going to be as patronise as it has been then Mr. Fletcher will need to use his sick time and/or vacation time to make up for it. You might ask him whether it is likely for his wife to pick up the kids more often. Reiterate that you understand his situation but you have the rest of the department to think about as wel l. blood Before you talk with Marvin you should look into whether flex time is feasible in your department.

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