Thursday, May 23, 2019

Phases of Tragedy in Blood Diamond †the Movie Essay

Complete innocence describes the hero to be dignified, because of their innocence. Their pride and strength is overpowered by something they cannot control. In the plastic film Blood Diamond, Soloman walks his parole to school. Showing a typical, I deal way to show complete innocence. Also showing a perfect father/son relationship before all the rebels came. With this scene showing a father and his son sharing a joke on the way to school it is shown to be innocent fun, which is a perfect example of complete innocence at the beginning of the movie.When young and innocent people first encounter realities of adulthood it is cognize as in start out. A central character will live so the action closes with an adjustment to mature experience. In the movie when Danny was young he was brought up believing that the war was just about fighting against communism. As you can see in the movie, Danny has now discovered the conflict diamonds are the reason for the war. When Danny tries to import diamonds, and goes to see his friend at a vineyard it shows that he has learned and has mature experience.Continuing through the stages of tragedy we see a completion of an ideal. in spite of a tragic end because of the successful victory, a sense of peace is shown after the heros death because of a utmost accomplishment. Ain the final scene with Danny you see that Soloman reunited with his son. Danny knew he would die, so he made amends by calling Maddie, and giving Soloman the diamond that he worked so hard to get. flat though Danny died some peace was restored and Soloman and Maddie gave him the credit he deserved when Maddie wrote her article.Even though our hero can complete his quests, he/she has their own faults. From innocence to experience throughout stories we see our heros fault, that by the time they realize their faults it is too late to change. Danny knew that diamond smuggling was illegal and besides wrong, but he did it anyways. In the end Danny gets shot and i s in extreme pain. He only then realizes that it was all because of him contributing in the diamond smuggling. Danny did manage to recruit some loyalty when he handed Soloman the diamond and told Soloman and his son to leave him there to die, so that they could escape with the diamond together.The natural law, known as fate, also takes a toll on heroes. Overshadowing the heroes/heroines and allowing the audience to look down on the action. When Soloman was at the fence there were so many people that the chance of visual perception his family was slim to none. Fate clearly took part when he happened to see his family on the other side of the fence. Fate was showing Soloman that his family was assuage alive, so he could still try to save them.To make the audience even more sympathetic we enter a world of shock and horror. Our hero receives punishment or torture, mayhap humiliation, so deep they cannot achieve a heroic pose. At the start of the movie Solomans village was torn to piec es. Others in the village were shot or had their hands cut off. The young boys were taken to the mines. Unnecessary torture was demonstrated to his village which was truly a world of shock and horror.

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