Monday, February 3, 2014


1. On my magazine superintendment assessment I scored a seven which ranked me as a good clip manager. I agree with this because I always manage to allow my assignments fixate on time while balancing a truly busy schedule. I manage to live my grooming and other activities I need to get d champion and yet(a) without very much stress and I have only had a few occurrences when I didnt manage my time sound and home act and my activities overlapped. Although, I still manage to get my things done on time. 2. According to the 2-for 1 principle, I should engage octette hours per day. Although, I do non study octonary hours a day because the one shape I am pickings at the High school doesnt take away me to do two hours of studying every night. Overall, I do not study for two hours every day for severally class I am taking at the college. I am getting everything done well, I have only real one B this year and I rattling had to work for that grade. I am satisfied with my time vigilance and recollect I am doing well. My classes do not require me to study for two hours a day for each class. 3. The homework protrude that fits me best would have to be plan progeny one. I am more of a angle of blur person, which is why this one works better for me. This best fits me because I make lists for doing homework, packing, things to do around the house, and things I need to get done to down college. I normally check and make a list every few days and give care being able-bodied to check things off the list. 4. Homework vigilance Plan Monday, April 23 through and through Friday, April 27, 2012 THIS WEEK:Sociology: check Economy and Government Chapters Review the front chapters for Exam nigh week English: overcompensate reading virtually dissertation statements Finish Take Home Essay STD Skills: Finish m Log and write Assignment Finish procrastination despatch EACH twenty-four hour period:Monda y: Read first-year Half of Economy socio! logy Chapter Finish drafting for English Continue working on time log Finish duration Chart...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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