Saturday, February 8, 2014

Olmec: Sister Culture Theory

The Xi, or more popularly known as the Olmec were oneness of the first civilizations in Mesoamerica. The Olmec city that had the biggest population was called La Venta. It was obstinate on a small dome on the gulf Coast, three miles from current day San Andres. From around 1200 BC to 600 BC they had the largest population of any oppo point society. According to this article in that location is evidence that suggests, contrary to old beliefs, that the Olmec may develop been the process for the following early American civilizations. Archeologist rear what appeargond to be an early form of paternity in the gulf of Mexico mold into a seal that dates back to 650 BC. The seal expects to try a bird talking using what we refer to as savoir-faire bubbles. The polemic artifacts were found by Mary E.D Pohl of Florida kingdom University and her squad while excavating a site in San Andres. The site was still researched simply because it was next to a river and quite swa mpy. This line up disproves the previous belief that the Zapotec nor the Mayans developed the first writing dodging in Mesoamerica and suggests that it was in fact the Olmec. Mesoamerican researchers repugn that writing, monarchies and former(a) civilized ideas were all created by the individual cultures on their own, meat that they all thought of these things on their own. In other words, they are all babe cultures. On the other overstep in that location is some evidence supporting the controversial theory that the Olmec could have come up with most of the ideas and passed them on to the later cultures. The believers of the sister culture theory cite that its likely that the Olmec did non create writing systems first. There have been artifacts with what seem to be writing symbols on it that came from before the Olmec time catamenia or around the same time, but because most of them were obtained from looters or grave on walls in caves, they arent reliable pieces of ev idence. other claim is that they arent word! s at all, but...If you want to trance a full essay, order it on our website:

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