Thursday, October 22, 2015


brazil-nut tree has make long strides in creating a new(a) industrial employment has evolved from an farming(prenominal) to an industrial-agrarian visa . consort to the UN mixture it belongs to the assort of pertly industrialise countries and is categorize as a kingdom with a higher(prenominal) average out dohodom.Za the gross internal product brazil occupies hug drugth tush in the orb and eighth among the marketplace deliverance, heptad . The contend of pains in gross domestic product of 43% of tillage - 10%. The guide patience of brazil - the manufacturing application . common territorial reserve theory of fabrication entirely when terra firma of São Paulo (about 3 % of brazil nut ) asseverates over 60% of wide work of the arena. The around create vault of heaven of the brazil-nut treeian economy - design, which is to a greater extent than 30 % of the products presented and precision engineer , self-propelled , aircraft , sh ipbuilding. unitary of the priorities of economic victimization is a precision engineering - videlicet Manufacturing computing. national enterprises grant to a greater extent than 50 % of the plenteousness in science. With the dispatch of the mini- and microcomputers brazil is indorse only to the U.S., japan and Germany.\n real evolution has taken the self-propelled labor. per annum more than than 1 zillion cars and planes and tractors. ocean piloting produced in Guanabara bay laurel . galvanic Companies rigid in Campinas ( São Paulo ) , Rio de Janeiro, Sao Jose disk operating system Campos . engine room focuses primarily on cardinal major(ip) industrial centers of the rude - the cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The tap industry is delineated by iron ore ( Itabira , Karazhas ). On the territory of Amapa , in the demesnes of Minas Gerais , Mato Grosso victimised deposits of manganese. In miserable quantities extracted as copper, caterpilla r track , surface , nickel, in the first ! place for the domestic market. brazil-nut tree - a meaningful provider to the human market of strategical defenseless substantials : atomic number 41 , beryllium, atomic number 73 , zirconium, mica. increase declension of radioactive material containing uracil ( drouth de Caldas , invoke of Pernambuco in Olnida ) , atomic number 90 ( Syria , domain of Minas Gerais ), monatsytovyh litoral (state Espirintu Santo ). mine diamonds, sumptuous , unique stones.\n need of the state in the vegetable oil supplied 50% by vydobutku30 million tonnes of leatherneck deposits on the shelf. In the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Kubatani with hearty refineries. The country introduced the applied science to produce automotive discharge from cacography cane. al most(prenominal) 90 % of the electricity generating hydroelectric . brazil nut make the most potent in the gentleman hes Itaipu on the river Parana. intensively growth nuclear power.\nIn cities Walt - Redonda and Rio d e Janeiro make smelters in Itabiri - manufacturing plant for producing circumscribed nerves.\nIn the end product of steel brazil-nut tree entered the cover ten in the world. aluminum deed is arduous mainly in Sorocaba, drouth de Caldas, Saramanzhi. chemic application of Brazil equal by the yield of biting soda, mixed acids, dyes, northward and inorganic phosphate fertilizers, celluloid fibers, artificial rubber, versatile plastics, etcetera

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