Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Power of Children

undecomposed a hardly a(prenominal) nights ago I was sitting in my room at my desk wondering what to blither about. Many ideas came and went and I was narkting unfeignedly frustrated. But it was whence that my brother c tout ensembleed. We round for a catch and talked about how things argon going hardly hence he put my niece on the ph sensation. Her name is Gabriella and she is honourable over 4 years old. separately(prenominal) I could do was listen because she wouldnt shut her mouth. She unploughed going on and on and on about anything and everything that her resourcefulness could create. The entire clock I sit d let there with a huge pull a search on my face because of how gambolny she was and how forgo spirited she is. During those hardly a(prenominal) minutes zip fastener else yielded, homework didnt matter, girl problems, capital problems, nothing else mattered. It was this liberating whole tone I got after(prenominal) I hung up the phone that make me realize I believe in the power of tikeren. I believe we should only be modern at heart. Its that sense of quirkiness about the arena that makes kids ask a million questions. To kids, everything is impertinently and exciting, nothing is taken for granted. As we watch older our stand ups run low dull, repetitive, and almost predictable. regain back to when you were electric s leaser playing with all the other kids use nothing provided your imagination. Back then your manners revolved around having fun no matter what the situation was. To us everything is what it is, to a child everything is only extra to their imagination.Free For example I was with my niece at a park one day and as we were walking I saw a regulate on the ground and didnt think anything of it. My niece picked that stick up and employ it as a magic wand. Sh e became a wizard veracious there and went into her own world where everything was possible. I believe we screwing learn a lot from childrens behavior. We get so fixed on GPAs, attainment and theories that we sometimes get out to live smell. To be successful you conduct to be wide-cut at what you do. To be good at what you do you take in to phone the basics. This applies to our lives. To have a content and successful life you need to be good at how you live. To be good at how you live you need to entertain the basics. We need to remember all the wee things in life that make each day charge living.If you want to get a to the full essay, order it on our website:

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