Friday, March 1, 2019

Definitions of HRM Essay

Introduction and Overview Definitions of HRM. The employment relationship. Commitment and control. Internal fit. schoolbook Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart and Wright (2012) military man imagination Management Gaining a Competitive Advantage. Chapter 1, pp. 2-68. Examples of examen questions How and why has the role of the HR department been changing in Western firms since the 1980s? How far and for what reasons would you bind that the debate over the differences between HRM and personnel management is all gamey air? Lecture 2 Analysis and Design of Work chew over analysis Job design employee involvement quality circles team working(a) schoolbook Competitive Advantage. Chapter 4, pp. 154-190. Examples of exam questions Who benefits from employee involvement? Compare quality circles and team working with regards to their impact on the economic outcomes of a company. Lecture 3 Personnel Selection Selection criteria, Big-5 personality dimensions, selection methods, predictive validity, r eliableness Textbook Competitive Advantage. Chapter 6, pp. 230-267. Examples of past exam questions Critically discuss the consumption of interviews as a primary basis for selection decisions.What criteria should be considered in selecting new employees to support firm performance? How do interviews fare in evaluating these criteria? Lecture 4 Performance appraisal Competitive Advantage. Chapter 8, 338-393. Examples of past exam questions Critically evaluate performance appraisal at work. What are the purposes of conducting performance appraisals? How might appraisals differ depending on the purpose? Lecture 5 render Systems Content of wage systems selecting pay systems pay and firm performance pay outcomes for employees. Textbook Competitive Advantage. Chapter 1 1, pp. 0-519. Examples of exam questions Which factors should HR managers groom into sexual conquest in shrewd a fair pay system? value options for the design of pay systems for different employee groups. Lecture 6 Hu man vision Planning, Flexibility and Turnover Human resource planning the model of the malleable firm contingent employment temporary work employee turnover Textbook Competitive Advantage. Chapter 5, pp. 191-211 and Chapter 10, pp. 440-478. Examples ot exam questions Temporary agency workers are hired to hold dear the employment security of the core workforce.Discuss critically. Contingent workers facilitate the utilize of high commitment management systems. Discuss. Lecture 7 Strategic Human Resource Management Best Practices vs. Best Fit Strategic HRM models of HRM high hat practice and business dodging models Textbook Competitive Advantage. Chapter 2, pp. 70-105. Examples of exam questions measure the relationship between the business and the gentleman resource management strategy of a firm. Contrast and evaluate the concepts of horizontal and vertical fit in human resource management.Lecture 8 Strategic HRM The Resource- ased View and Stakeholder Models subsequence of l ecture 7 strategic HRM resource-based view institutional / stakeholder perspectives on HRM Textbook To what extent do managers have a strategic choice with regards to human resource management? Critically discuss the implications of the resource-based view of the firm for designing HRM strategies. Lecture 9 Equal Employment Opportunities Competitive Advantage. Chapter 3, pp. 106-153. Examples of past exam questions Do women have equal opportunities at work? What actions might employers take to address any inequalities?Evaluate human capital theoretical explanations of the sexuality earnings gap. Lecture 10 Industrial Relations Introduction to industrial relations purposes of collective organization effects of unions recent trends in industrial relations Textbook Competitive Advantage. Chapter 14, pp. 598-647. Examples of exam questions What are the consequences of a miss of effective worker representation, be it through trade unions or both(prenominal) other form of worker repres entation at the workplace? why do workers Join trade unions and what are the effects of union application? How has this changed in liberal market economies in recent years?

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