Monday, April 22, 2019

BlackBoard On Line Assignment #3 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

BlackBoard On Line 3 - Assignment ExampleIn essence, the video is a pitch for new employees by Walmart. The follow is selling itself to any electric potential employees out there, and showing the modern ones that it still values them even when actively move to recruit others. I was particularly impressed by the narrators discussion of Walmarts culture and how new employees can grow in her company where all the right conditions are available for employee development. The video is trying to send a message that it is comfy to grow at Walmart. This is a very good initiative that will surely carry an impact, and Walmart should be commended for it.Page 324 of chapter 11 talks about the value of motive. A majority of people hold a perception that only current employees should always be motivated by companies. This is a fallacy because potential employees also need to feel motivated enough to want to work for a firm. Job seekers have to have reasons other than money for wanting to wor k for a particular company, and one of the biggest reasons should be motivation that is driven by factors other than money (work environment, culture, ethics, and growth).Page 342 of chapter 11 talks about personalizing motivation and the splendour of applying motivation in different cultures around the world. This is because companies nowadays have employees from all over the globe, and their diverse cultures cannot be receptive to the same motivation techniques. Smart managers and firms know that they have to tweak and adapt their motivation approaches to drive everybody, regardless of their culture/background.Page 356 of chapter 12 talks about how to recruit employees from a diverse population, something that Walmart is trying to do in the discussed video. The company is basically selling itself to everyone, regardless of where you are from. Because its culture is conducive

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