Monday, August 19, 2019

Identify And Explain The Stages Of Grief Experienced By The Dying. Essa

1: Shock-Denial: This stage is when the patient first hears about his/her illness, and this is where the patient is saying "no, not me" and "it can't be me". During this time they will also ask a numerous amount that "is the results wrong", or "could you check my results again please". 2: Rage/Anger: There are two things to remember when dealing with this stage, which is that; anger is never personal, its more generalised. This means that no matter what, the patient never blames the people around them, but prefers to blame her/himself, or sometimes the whole world. Another part of the Rage/Anger stage is the "Why me" mini stage. This constitutes the patient to ask the people around him/her, but more prominently God. This behavior leads up to the bargaining stage. 3: Bargaining: This stage is when the patient has accepted his/her fate temporarily. This is so as it may seem that s/he is under control so s/he can bargain, more easily sway the recipient. The most usual case of bargaining is with God, for example "If you let me live one more day, ill become a good Christian and go to church everyday". These patients never really do what they promised. They maybe try to bargain with a member of the hospital staff, as well. This is not the final peace, only a temporary truce. 4: Depression: - Reactive This mini-stage is when the patient starts to feel despair because s/he can't hold or see in some cases their kids, or s...

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