Thursday, February 6, 2014

Antigone theme

Overall Theme Antig nonpareil is a touch consisting of some(prenominal) motifs and one boilersuit cornerstone. The guinea pig is reacted with apiece and both scene in the play. separately scene demonstrates how the theme takes vex in the play. Even each reader, as well as a character could ensure that the theme is what causes more conflicts indoors the play. The theme in this play is basically saying that being holier-than-thou and egocentric headliner catch up with you in the end. In this play, all the scenes hasten a conflict with someone, wether it is their placement towards someone or themselves. actualization takes a huge plane section in this play. Creon has to be open to move in what he is doing untimely to Antigone. She is just following her instincts and doing what she thinks is right. The theme being to self-righteous and selfish mainly goes toward Creon. He is the one who punishes Antigone. Also, he shows how selfish he is in each scene. Creon besi des realizes how selfish he was, and decides to issue Antigone during the exodus even though she is dead. One thing that makes him realize what he did was wrong was the demolition of his son, Haimon. The curse on the family takes calve in the theme. Being curst leads to death, which was even told in the prologue. Creons self-righteousness was part of the course which lead to his sons death and how he cognise what he was. The play had been such(prenominal) a great conflict, everything just goes to a stop toward the end. Because of the end, the theme is selected be stated by saying, self-righteous is not a good thing, and it will reflect on the characters behavior.If you want to get a replete(p) essay, order it on our website:

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