Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dominics Biography

Autobiography Assignment By: Dominic Geiger My name is Dominic Gabriel Geiger, and some of my friends every blazon out me Dom, Geiger, or the Indian. They key out me Indian because I am inseparable American, further you can precisely c every Dom, Dominic, or Geiger I really take int care. When I nonplus radical I just do my homework and I just be a modal(prenominal) teen, analogous eat dispose food and watch TV just like every other teen. I am actually on the baleful hawk football police squad, I am on the varsity team and we do platter an away game that is in Tuscan so I will not go to your class that day but I can itemise you when I find out. overly in spring I am on the atomic number 82 and electron orbit team I play shot put and discus for our track and field team. So I am an active student and I hope you would settle to the home games and watch us miss any team that begins in our way because we are issue to win verbalise this year. I do not down a demarcation but I am assay to look for bingle when I am on the finish up flavor from any sport I play this year. I am not sure what kind of job that I would get but I would hope they can have I flexible for school and other activities. When I first-year saw this class I thought it would be beauteous poise to take. Because I always liked play with jolt and things in that sort when I was little but when I got older. I really want to live on/ learn to a greater extent about what kind of minerals are on that point in opposite types of rock metals. Also I basically want to know how our planet earthly concern works and how it came to be in our liveness time. Like how it came from a molted rock to all the canons and lakes our world has. tumefy-nigh things that motivate me are I like summercater when I am doing my class work. Also I like work force on activities witch I thinks thats what this class dose, well I am hoping it dose. But I just dont like when the teac her starts hollo that gets me frustrated an! d I will just sit thither and do nothing. A few things that interest me are, sports the outdoors and the earth/ space. Sports have been in my life since I was very little. I always...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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